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Bring nature into your home with this green plant leaf poster. A trend that you see a lot now is an urban jungle interior, which belongs completely to plant lovers. Maybe you are not a plant lover at all and you would like to have greenery in your home. Then this one photo wall perfect for you! 

De browse poster in this photo wall

An urban jungle interior

This photo wall with browse poster is perfect for an urban jungle interior, in this interior sturdy elements such as wood and concrete are combined with green plants and of course green accessories. How do you create an urban jungle interior?
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Step 1: Keep the Basics Calm

With an urban jungle interior you usually go wild on the different materials and accessories, so choose a quiet concrete floor or cast floor. In addition, it is best to keep the furniture such as the sofa and dining table quiet. For example, opt for a beautiful wooden table and a white/grey sofa.
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Step 2: Eye-catchers in the living room

An urban jungle also consists of modern city elements, such as fat iron beams, industrial cabinets and round chairs. These will be the real eye-catchers in the living room!

Step 3: The accessories for green lovers

This jungle interior is of course not complete without the necessary shades of green, so combine real plants in pots with hanging plants and plant posters. So are the browse poster from above a perfect match for this interior: not too busy but cozy!
browse poster

you can never have enough browse poster to have!

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