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Are you looking for a nice and original gift? Then a poster gift is perfect! However, there is so much choice that it is difficult to choose what exactly is nice for the person you want to give a gift to. In this blog you will therefore read 15 x wall decoration gift ideas for the best posters to give as a present!

Inspiration for you poster gift

At Walljar we have many posters from different collections. Here you see poster gift ideas to really surprise someone: 

1. For the real coffee lover!

Do you want to give a real coffee lover a gift? Then give this Too Much Coffee poster gift† This typography poster is simple and elegant at the same time, and carries a clear message. This poster is ideal for the kitchen, but also very nice to hang in the bedroom!

poster gift

2. Football fanatic? No problem!

For the real football fan, a football poster is a lot of fun poster gift! For example, give the Netherlands - Belgium '76 poster. This action photo brings back nostalgic feelings of that beautiful match.

Football poster - Walljar

3. Something different

Give a wall circle as a gift! This new trend immediately gives any wall a modern and refreshing look. This is how this pattern is called Wallflower by William Morris immediately draws all attention to himself. 

poster gift

4. For the minimalists

Line art posters are ideal gifts. The simple lines match any interior and immediately give the wall an elegant look. This is how you get from the Champagne Line Art immediately feel like a nice glass of champagne and it also fits every wall. 

poster gift

5. Totally Zen

Do you want someone a mindfulness poster gift to do? For example, give the Mystical Hands gift. The soft colors and serene image ensure that just looking at the poster immediately calms you down. Of course you would like to give that to someone!

Poster gift

6. Relax on the coast

This elegant black and white poster takes you to the coast of southern France. The French Windowsill is suitable for any wall and also fits very nicely with a gallery wall. So if you like a poster gift looking for this is very suitable!

Poster gift

7. ABC on the wall

Are you looking for a poster for a children's room? Then it is Animal Alphabet a perfect poster gift† This poster contains the entire alphabet and also all the fun animals. In this way your child learns to get acquainted with the alphabet in a fun way!

Poster gift

8. Always on vacation

To bring the tropical atmosphere into your home, the Bright Blue Sky II a perfect poster gift† The clear blue sky with the beautiful palm trees immediately brings summer into your home. Of course that can only make you happy and is therefore ideal if to someone!

Poster gift

9. Moroccan vibes

Give someone Moroccan atmosphere in their home as a poster as a gift! So bring this Golden Arches poster you all the way to a beautiful mosque in Marrakech. 

Poster gift

10. Gift real art

Girl With The Pearl by Johannes Vermeer is a popular and beloved work of art that is widely viewed in the Mauritshuis in The Hague. You don't have to, you can also give it to someone as a gift! This is how you give someone a beautiful work of art like poster gift

Poster gift

11. Crazy about animals

Are you looking for a poster gift for someone with a great sense of humour? Then the crazy giraffe a perfect gift! The blue sky with the beautiful and crazy giraffe immediately brings a smile to everyone's face. 

Poster gift

12. Fan of The Weeknd?

He releases one hit after another: The Weeknd† Are you looking for a gift for someone who is a big fan of his, then this poster is suitable! 

Poster gift

13. A soothing gift!

De Calming Shapes The blue lines and the shapes in different shades of gray provide an artistic and soothing effect. This unique wall decoration is therefore very nice to wear as poster gift to do! 

Poster gift

14. Tarantino's Once Upon A Time in Hollywood

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood came out in 2019 and is already a real film classic. So give someone this poster with Cliff Booth walking next to the car.

Poster gift

15. Fancy a cocktail?

One of the most popular cocktails is of course the Pornstar Martinic† This wall decoration shows this delicious drink. Give this to someone as a gift to hang in the kitchen for example!

Poster gift

A poster gift shop at Walljar!

As you can see: there is plenty of choice at Walljar to make a nice poster gift to do! This is just inspiration, on our website you will find our entire range of posters. So go quickly to the website and find the best poster to give as a gift!

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