If you want to hang your favorite posters in a new, refreshing and trendy way, poster hangers are perfect! At Walljar we now sell poster hangers in different sizes to hang your posters. You can read all about it in this blog!

Poyster hangers for your favorite posters!

poster hangers are hangers to hang your posters with. They consist of a number of loose wooden beams. Wooden beams are attached to the top and bottom of the poster. Rope is attached to the top bar, so you can easily hang the poster. The poster hanger does not use a layer of glass or plastic. This way you can see the poster in its original condition!

poster hangers

Different formats

At Walljar we have the poster hangers available in the sizes 31 cm, 51 cm and 71 cm. Each poster hanger has a thickness of 16 mm. This way you can also vary the size!

Poster hanger 31 cm

The 31 cm poster hanger is suitable for: dThe vertical poster sizes 13 x 18 cm, 20 x 30 cm and 30 x 40 cm and for the horizontal poster sizes 13 x 18 cm and 20 x 30 cm.

Poster hanger 51 cm

The 51 cm poster hanger is suitable for the vertical poster format of 40 x 60 cm and for the horizontal poster format 30 x 40 cm. 

Poster hanger 71 cm

The 71 cm poster hanger is suitable for the vertical poster format of 60 x 90 cm and for the horizontal poster format 40 x 60 cm.  

Whichever poster size you have, with the different sizes of the poster hangers you can simply hang that poster!

poster hanger

How do you attach the posters to the poster hangers?

Attach two wooden bars to the top of the poster. You also do this at the bottom of the poster. There are magnets on the inside of the wood, so that the wooden beams stay in place around the poster and the poster remains undamaged. 

poster hangers

poster hangers: the advantages 

Poyster hangers bring many advantages, below is a list why you should buy these hangers:

  • The poster remains undamaged by the magnets. 
  • It gives a new and stylish look because it is a bit different from the standard photo frames!
  • You see the poster as it actually is because there is no glass over it. 
  • It is also very nice to combine with a photo wall with others poster hangers and picture frames. 
  • Do you want to switch posters? This is very easy and fast with this suspension system. 
  • The wooden color of the poster hangers gives the posters an extra warm look.
poster hangers

Hang the poster hangers home on!

poster hangers are easy and stylish! The posters get a new look and it can also be combined nicely with a gallery wall. Go to our website to find your favorite posters to order and hang them up with the poster hangers from Walljar! 

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