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Looking for beautiful poster art† Yesterday spring started again and that means sun, blue skies and colorful flowers. Everything outside has more color and who wouldn't be happy with that? In the spring many people feel the need for something new. It is therefore not surprising that many people do a spring cleaning at home. That is of course also the perfect time for new wall decoration

A page full poster art!

We have a whole page full poster art: the gallery wall page. We supplement these weekly to provide you with inspiration. The easy thing about the photo wall page is that if you click on the photo you immediately see which prints are in the gallery wall. Today we light a photo wall Touch Of Colour from. A cheerful gallery wall with a nice combination between colorful art from the collection Famous Painters and the typography collection. I show you which works of art are in this three-part gallery wall. 

De poster art from this photo wall: 

Wassily Kandinsky - Violet in 30 x 45 centimeters

Your only limit is your mind in 30 x 45 centimeters

Paul Klee - Southern Gardens in 60 x 90 centimeters

Poster 1: Wassily Kandinsky - Violet

An artist you certainly don't want to miss in your search for poster art is Wassily Kandinsky. He was a Russian-French painter. His work falls under expressionism and symbolism. Expressionism is a movement that is characterized by bright colors and primitive shapes in order to express emotion. You can also see that in his work Violet from the photo wall. A real Kandinsky might be a bit expensive to purchase. One of his works was auctioned in New York for no less than 23 million! Fortunately, at Walljar you can order his work on posters, canvas or plexiglass to make your art dreams come true. 

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Poster 2: Your only limit is your mind

Which poster art  whatever you choose, texts and quotes fit into any gallery wall. In our Typography Collection you see many different texts, there are funny quotes, inspiring one-liners and motivational texts. The typography prints are all designed in a different way to show a certain atmosphere or feeling. In the Touch Of Color gallery wall, you can see that texts can also fit very well with works by famous painters. Poster Your only limit is your mind fits very well with the other prints due to the classic font in combination with the use of black and white. 

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Poster 3: Paul Klee - Southern Gardens

If you have ideas for poster art and you love color, be sure to take a look at the collection Famous painters after the work of Paul Klee. He was a painter with German nationality, but was born in Switzerland. His work falls under modern art. In his work you see many abstract shapes and use of a lot of color. He was inspired by different ethnicities, children's drawings and various fellow artists. There is a good chance that the aforementioned Wassily Kandinsky was a great source of inspiration for Klee. The work you see in this gallery wall is Southern Gardens. 

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Photo wall Touch Of Color is perfect for getting your house ready for spring because of the many colors. If you're looking for something different, you'll find enough poster art our photo walls page

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