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A poster wall fits into any interior. It turns a boring wall into an interesting wall to look at. And it makes your room look just that little bit more stylish. Are you looking for a beautiful poster wall for your happy place? Then be sure to read this blog!

The photo wall: My Happy Place

We have given this gallery wall the same name as one of the posters in the gallery wall. We think that this poster wall in many different living styles can ensure that you get the feeling that it is really your happy place. the posters used in this gallery wall are all light in color. You see a lot of beige and white with some black details for a nice contrast. 

The posters you need for the poster wall: 

poster wall with typography

Typography in a poster wall can ensure that the whole is a bit more balanced. Many typography prints are quiet, because there is a lot of empty space. This enhances the power of the text. You can also see that in the poster My Happy Place† The quote 'My Happy Place' is written in a playful font. The black gives a nice contrast against the light background and the white frame. A nice black list completes the picture. 

poster wall

Your own zodiac sign

You naturally want to show something of yourself in your happy place. And what could be better than your own zodiac sign? Hereby poster wall we chose it zodiac sign Aquarius† Do you have the Aquarius zodiac sign? Then you are intelligent, spontaneous, self-confident and always open for fun. What does your zodiac sign say about you? 

poster wall

abstract poster wall 

Maybe you are crazy about gems. Then the poster fits Gemstone Hand from our collection with abstract paintings, perfect in your interior. This poster shows a hand holding a sparkling gem. Here too, the dark gray, almost black, color provides a nice contrast against the light background. For this design we opted for an extra large white frame. Gemstone Hand is a nice addition to this one poster wall† Do not you think?

poster wall

Your favorite holiday country for your happy place

For an extra personal touch on you poster wall you can add a poster with one of your favorite places. This could be a place you love to come to or one of your favorite vacation spots you've been to. For this gallery wall we have chosen a beautiful poster from our Morocco collection. We have for Moroccan Architecture II chosen, because the colors match the other posters of this poster wall. 

poster wall

poster wall with Line Art

The last poster we good with this one poster wall find fit is Woman Line Art† For this design we opted for a beige background and a white frame. Line art is a nice simplistic way of art. By means of simple lines something is drawn or painted. But this simplistic way of drawing can actually be very expressive. 

poster wall

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