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We understand that you can run into certain things when buying posters, such as choice stress. With spacious 2000 articles it is also difficult to choose. Sometimes it's not because of the trees. With this blog we want to help you make choices easier when buying posters. 

Tips when making choices at buy posters:

  • Don't search too hard! Try to think of what is important to you, such as certain colors, interior styles and sizes. 
  • What room will the posters be in?
  • Think broadly about what you want. Are you going for a poster or do you choose to buy several posters, so that you can create an entire gallery wall?
  • Create an inspiration board on Pinterest or check out our photo walls page.
  • Choices are not final. When in doubt, you can always think about it for a while to make a different choice later.

this or that?

To help you with buying posters, we put below different posters side by side to discover your preference. That way you find out what you like better and what suits your style.

Buy posters: dark versus light

Here we show you two posters that are the opposite of each other in terms of light. One print has a lot of light tones and the other has very dark tones. Both are designs from the Nature collection. On the left you see snow balloons† A unique image of hot air balloons in a clear snow landscape. On the right you see Snow River in Mountains† A high-contrast image of river flowing between the forested mountains. What do you prefer? Dark or light?

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Buy posters: abstract art versus the work of famous painters

are you joining buy posters just for art by famous painters or do you prefer more modern abstract art? Both types of art suit many interior styles. But what matters is what makes you happy when you look at it. Does the cheerful one make you happy Pink Flow or in Starry night over the Rhone by Vincent van Gogh? 

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Buy posters: busy versus quiet

For balance at home you choose buy posters with calm prints and colours. For just a bit of contrast, choose prints that are busier or more detailed. Below you can see a poster with the zodiac sign Taurus† The constellation is represented in a minimalistic way on a light-colored background. In addition, you will see De Heem - Still life with flowers. This print is a lot more detailed and busier, but certainly no less beautiful. Which fits better in your interior? 

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Buy posters: color vs black and white

In our collections we have beautiful photos in color as well as in black and white. Color makes a photo come to life and makes it feel more realistic. In black-and-white photography, contrasts and structures come to the fore, so that you sometimes see more details in a black-and-white photo. This is how you see on the print of the Manhattan Bridge that the black and white emphasizes the raindrops beautifully, which provides extra atmosphere. In addition, a photo of a Blue Jay† In this case it is better to have the photo in color. Otherwise we would miss the beautiful colors of this bird. For which buy posters do you choose?

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Have we been able to help you a bit in making a choice? We hope so! And do you want buy posters, but don't see what you want in the webshop? Send a chat, email or call for advice. 

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