Posters met tekst

In posters with text beautiful typography is always used. In fact, we see it everywhere around us: from billboards to packaging. With a certain message in exactly the right font you quickly attract attention and you can evoke a certain feeling. Discover the possibilities of posters with text in this blog! 

Posters with text for every room at home

Posters with text are also called typography posters called. Typography is the art of designing, formatting, setting and printing text. This one posters with text are modern wall decorations with letters, words or quotes with which you can decorate your interior in an original and unique way. Find out which one posters with text you can apply in any room! 

By woonkamer

Also known as the most common room for wall decoration: the living room! Posters with text fit very well in this space and can in principle also be combined with any living style. Because the posters in our typography collection are mainly black and white, it will not clash with the colors in your interior. What's our favorite for the living room? The L'amour poster! The placement of the letters in combination with the connecting stripes makes the poster dynamic and immediately gives it more life. 

The kitchen

Also in the kitchen or dining room you can posters with text to hang! And let's fit perfectly for this space posters with text to have. Take for example the This Kitchen Is For Dancing poster, de Pizza, Pasta And Vino poster of the Wine o' Clock for the wine lovers! There are so many more posters with text that fit perfectly in the kitchen. Discover them here !

Also nice for the kitchen: the sweetest wall decoration for the kitchen.

Posters with text

The toilet

Yes, we also have nice ones for the toilet posters with text! It may not be the first room that comes to mind when you think of wall decoration, but even the smallest room in the house can be decorated nicely. With the Five Star poster you make your guests laugh after a visit to the toilet! 
Posters with text

The bedroom

A space where we like to relax and dream away… Fit into the bedroom posters with text therefore perfect. For example, hang inspiring quotes on it to always feel motivated when you go to bed or start the day. 

Posters with text for the office 

If you want to create more atmosphere in the office, one of the easiest ways to do this is to add unique wall decorations. When you are surrounded by beautifully decorated walls, you will notice that you and the staff will feel more comfortable and motivated. Bare walls can strongly influence the productivity and well-being of staff! 

In our office collection you can find a large and diverse range inspiring posters with text that will hang perfectly on the walls of your office. 

Furnish an office with posters with text? Discover the possibilities here!
Posters with text

Create photo walls with posters with text

A gallery wall always consists of a combination of different matching posters. When you get inspiration, you will find that there is almost always a poster with text processed in the photo wall. Posters with text are therefore also perfect to use for creating photo walls! Curious about what kind of creations you can make with our posters with text? View here our photo walls! 

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