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Posters are perhaps the most famous wall decorations. As a child, almost everyone had a poster on their wall. Whether it was one of your favorite football player, singer, actor/actress or a poster with quote. Walljar ensures that hanging posters can be completely hip again today! In this blog we tell you how to do this as easily as possible without unnecessarily damaging your wall. 

The hanging system for posters

Hanging posters can be done in several ways, so we are happy to tell you how you can do this as easily as possible. Fortunately, posters are far from the most difficult wall decorations to hang. Below we have made a step-by-step plan for you so that little can go wrong.

Poster without frame

Hang a poster The advantage of putting up posters without a frame is of course the fact that this is cheaper. If you are not willing to put down extra money for a list, then this is of course not necessary.

We give you some tips on how to hang these works quite easily.

  1. Use kneaded eraser for hanging your posters.
  2. Use a cork wall as a frame for you posedr.
  3. are you making posters fixed on a magnetic board.
  4. Use a wire rack as a collage.
  5. Use MDF for your greatest works.

Hanging framed posters

Hang a poster For a framed poster you have to follow a few steps. Fortunately, we have made a simple step-by-step plan for you so that this should not be a problem.

To hang posters with a frame you need a number of things:

✓ Drill 

✓ Spirit level 

✓ Pencil 

How do you handle it?
Now that we know what we need, let's get started:

  1. To start with, we have already applied the black list for you, so you no longer have to do this yourself.
  2. After this you will mark the drill holes: mark the marking points on the wall with a pencil. It is useful to use a spirit level for this. This is the easiest way to make sure your markers line up.
  3. You take your drill to drill the holes in the wall. Drill the holes at the marked places and attach the screws.
  4. Now hang the poster easy with the applied system on the wall!

Hanging posters from Walljar's collection

The entire collection is available as a poster at Walljar. This collection is expanded daily with more inspiring prints so that we have the perfect wall decoration ready for everyone. Take a quick look at our webshop and know how to get your favorite poster!

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