Prints voor aan de muur

Lots of colour, prints and chaos correspond to the current trend: maximalism! Here you can let your imagination run wild and it will never be too much. Think of prints for the wall in a beautiful wallpaper, poster or painting!

maximalist house

Are you also one of those people who collects everything everywhere, and is only too happy to show this in your interior? That is certainly possible in this trend. You can display your best finds in your interior by combining everything: new, old, vintage, borrowed or perhaps received. Your interior will radiate your great personality!

Our favorite prints for the wall

There are sure to be some crazy, colored prints in our collection! See for example this design: zebra pattern. This can be a nice design for the nursery, but can also look cool in a gallery wall in a maximalist interior. Watch the nicest prints for the wall and push your limits!

Prints for the wall

Combine trends for a playful effect

When you opt for maximalism, you can combine different colours, patterns and prints. A combination of the floral trend and print trend can be found in this design: William Morris - Strawberry Thief. Together, these trends only complement each other and will immediately brighten up your interior.

Prints for the wall

Prevent a color chaos

The danger of this trend is that it can quickly become too much of a good thing. But we have a solution for this too: use a color scheme! So you can get some items with a little less color like in this line art poster: One line face pattern combine with brightly colored beautiful finds. This way, the focus will remain on the special items, but your interior will certainly not become boring!

Prints for the wall

Think outside the box!

Nowadays everyone is so ordinary and boring when it comes to ideas. There is a lot of lack of creativity since everyone thinks in the context of our society. So try to be creative and: Think outside the box I with this beautiful typography poster! Ideal forear at the office!

Prints for the wall

Find new treasures in old finds

As discussed earlier in this blog, we said that new, old, vintage or received items can be combined well in this trend. Look for the best finds in a second-hand shop. This is especially the place for accessories and vintage furniture. In addition, we have also transformed a number of old finds in our collection into a modern jacket, such as this design: Paul Klee - Movement Of Vaulted Chambers. Let your organized chaos begin!

Prints for the wall

Prints for the wall in your interior

Discover the entire collection prints for the wall from Walljar and let your personality come back in your living room, bedroom or other space!