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Since the inception of cinema in the 1890s, there have been countless debates about what actually makes a movie great. A brilliant story, interesting characters and a cast of talented actors are just some of the essential ingredients, and they all come together in this classic. Here are 5 reasons why Pulp Fiction is a true masterpiece! 

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The script and structure of the film 

Tarantino has used a non-linear timeline before, but perfected this style Pulp Fiction! Juggling multiple storylines and suddenly Tarantino never lets you get bored watching the movie. If you've seen the movie, you can't help but agree. 

Besides the structure, the script is also simply a masterpiece. You watch hilarious discussions about pop culture that are in a special way in balance with the bizarre violence in the film. Tarantino won with Pulp Fiction even an Oscar for the best original screenplay in '94! 

Fun fact: Did you know that the F word was used 255 times throughout the movie? 

The cast and the great acting 

 Pulp fiction poster

Perhaps Tarantino's most underrated skill as a director is his casting. Pulp Fiction is at its best when Tarantino pairs up two actors and lets them do their thing. The best example, of course, is the brilliant combination of Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta as a pair of buddy hitmen.

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 Pulp fiction poster

He achieved the same astonishing success with other characters. Pairing Travolta and Uma Thurman for that unforgettable dance scene at Jack Rabbit Slim's for example! It was a great moment that you can even immortalize: we have one Pulp Fiction poster of this iconic dance scene. Shop the poster here.! 

Last but not least, bringing Bruce Willis and Ving Rhames together in a hellish basement store or making Amanda Plummer's and Tim Roth's cry out their love in a restaurant stick-up was also unforgettable.

The Pulp Fiction poster is iconic

De Pulp Fiction poster is, in short, fierce, spicy and catchy. The contrasting yellow and red is guaranteed to attract attention and in a clever way gives the poster a classic pulp magazine, instead of highlighting a specific part of the film.

Pulp magazines, published between 1896 and the XNUMXs, were inexpensive publications with a bit of a rough edge. The Pulp Fiction poster mimics the pulp design perfectly, while also focusing on the character of Uma Thurman, who became a pop icon after the movie's release! 

Pulp Fiction is Tarantino's most daring film

Thematically, plot-wise and character-wise Pulp Fiction the film that takes the most risks in Quentin Tarantino's entire career. The movie starts at the end and works back to the beginning, all seen from multiple points of view. With humor, suspense (you held your breath for that overdose scene anyway) and many other bizarre moments, Pulp Fiction has to be one of the weirdest, most daring movies ever. It's a movie that takes risks and never apologizes for it!

Pulp Fiction has the most unexpected twists

Pulp Fiction is full of twists and turns that you never saw coming. Take, for example, Mia who had an overdose due to Vincent's heroin, Butch and Marsellus being tied up in a basement to become sex slaves or Vincent suddenly shooting Marvin in the face. Every time you think you can guess where a storyline is going, it takes a hugely unpredictable turn in a totally different direction. 

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