Retro interieur

A retro interior: it's cheerful, lively, has bright colours, bold designs and is funky! Creating a retro interior requires a daring approach and therefore also a suitable personality to achieve this. A retro interior does not radiate tranquility and is not casual. On the contrary! It's loud, busy and funky. Is this the style you want to go for? Then read on to learn how to realize this great interior style! 

What is retro? 

A retro interior is a style that consists of a mix of styles and trends from the past. The meaning suggests that almost every era as Retro can be considered, but actually the term mainly describes decor from the 50s, 60s and 70s. If you go further back in time, you go more in the direction of vintage. But don't worry: the two styles can and will intersect! 
retro interior#1 Retro furniture

In our retro furniture you can think of wide and elongated sofas with multicolored decorative cushions. The furniture in one retro interior often have round shapes and soft lines. Opt for wooden furniture made from warm woods and seating made from fabric or leather. Shiny chrome stools or brightly colored chairs look great in the dining area! 

#2 Colors

you give your products easy one Retro style by Retro to choose colors. Which colors are included? Think avocado green, mustard yellow and combinations of brown, black, white and red. Also purple and bright pink are good additions to your retro interior! You can go as big and crazy as you want. For example, mix colors like orange, green, indigo blue or yellow!

#3 Decorations

Retro and vintage are two different styles. Nevertheless, vintage items fit perfectly in a retro interior! Personal items also fill your retro interior nice on. For example, think of souvenirs, heirlooms and collections. 

What simply cannot be missing in a retro interior his plants! Get some hanging plants or buy a large green eye-catcher for the living room. Also find a suitable pot to complete the picture!

Rugs, beads and lava lamps are also all examples of decorations that your products really that Retro give feeling! 

Matching collections at a retro interior

Are you looking for something funky wall decoration for in you retro interior? Here are a few of our favorite collections! 


A signature element in retro interior is vintage. That's why you can't go wrong with getting vintage prints at home. Our vintage cities of vintage football collections therefore also fit perfectly in a retro interior


Plants are perfect in a retro interior, also as wall decoration. The plants collection helps you to add some greenery to your products


Characteristic of a retro interior are the happy colors. Looking for wall decoration with lots of color? Then we recommend that you take a look at the portraits of movie scene collection! Also our food collection contains funky colors that will have a great effect in a retro interior
retro interior

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