Retro keuken

a retro kitchen: it is unique, nostalgic and very cheerful. We often opt for modern design kitchens, but these can actually be serious and business happen... Do you prefer a playful design? In this blog we explain how to create a retro kitchen! 

The colors in one retro kitchen

A retro kitchen is characterized by many colour. If you don't like color, it might be better to skip this style. These can be soft pastels, but mainly bright colours, finished in high gloss set the tone in a retro kitchen.

This is how you see in a retro kitchen often at least two large surfaces with a bright color, with the refrigerator being one of the favourites. You can make it as crazy as you want, but be careful not to overdo it! Of course you want to be able to rest your eyes and not get too crazy with all those colors. Not sure which colors to apply? Mainly avocado green, mustard yellow and combinations of brown, black, white and red can be seen in a retro kitchen
retro kitchen

The shapes in a retro kitchen

The furniture in one retro kitchen often has soft, rounded corners. Square kitchen cabinets, for example, have a bit more of a vintage style, which is also great to use. A real retro kitchen from the 50s, 60s and 70s has more rounded finishes, with curves that curve around each other. Nowadays, a more modern design is often opted for, in which straight elements return, such as a sleek worktop, to have a balance between straight and round shapes. 

Also interesting: this is how you create a retro interior! 
retro kitchen

Typical accessories in one retro kitchen

A retro kitchen can not live without accessoiries. Be careful not to exaggerate here and go too kitschy: some people, for example, find telephones with rotary dials great to use, but often this does a retro kitchen no good. 

What is? For example, add plant please! Hanging plants are very stylish to use, but cacti also go very well with a retro kitchen. Do you really want a typical retro kitchen colorful bar stools, cheerful curtains and lamps are indispensable. Are you considering a floral wallpaper? This is perhaps better to avoid, it rather creates an old-fashioned look. Rather choose a cool flower painting, such as the paintings by William Morris

In addition, typical kitchen appliances are perhaps the most fun to use in your home retro kitchen. Think of the colorful and shiny toasters, refrigerators, kettles and scales. 
retro kitchen

Combine your retro kitchen with modern elements

It may sound a bit crazy, but a retro kitchen can be wonderfully combined with modern elements! Think, for example, of a kitchen worktop made of glass or a hypermodern oven. Of course this provides extra comfort, but it makes your retro kitchen also more lively and exciting. 

A retro kitchen can seem a bit old-fashioned without modern elements. Especially with exciting combinations and unique applications, such as wall tiles or funky accessoiries take care of playfulness in your retro kitchen

Wall decoration in one retro kitchen

William Morris

Wall decoration can also be used well in a retro kitchen for extra atmosphere. As we said, our William Morris collection really nice addition in one retro kitchen. Morris' paintings mainly consist of cheerful floral prints, designed in an incredibly special and unique way. 

retro kitchen

Photo art

Are flowers not quite your thing? Maybe our fotography collection better with you. This collection will also look good in your retro kitchen due to the vintage look that this posters to have! 

retro kitchen 


Another collection that fits well in a retro kitchen, is our collection with abstract schilderijen. The colors these paintings have will look very nice with a retro kitchen

kitchen poster

Kitchen paintings

Just looking for paintings that fit well in any kitchen? Then view our food & drinks collection, or our typography collection

A retro kitchen, is it something for you? 

The retro style has grown in popularity over the years. Colorful designs, playful combinations and unique shapes seem to have been rediscovered; does it appeal to you again? We hope you have gained enough inspiration to make your own retro kitchen to create! Curious about what other home blogs we have? Discover them here!