Rode wanddecoratie

It is said that red is the first color that the human eye can perceive after birth, next to black and white. This means that people have had incredibly strong feelings for the color red for centuries! Whether we look at clothes, food or Christmas decorations, the color red surrounds and excites us. 

The color red: symbolism and meaning

Red is the color of emotion, love and power. It's stimulating, intimidating and never boring. Red speeds up our heart rate, blood flow and body temperature, stimulates the senses of taste and smell and gives us energy. Read more about the color red and why you like this beautiful color as red wall decoration should take home! Red can stand for a lot of things and can have both a positive and negative meaning. 

Positive associations 

Red is often associated with love: excitement, sensuality, a red kiss or giving red roses when we are in love. It is a real color of love! In addition, red radiates a life-giving force: vitality, the blood that keeps us alive or helping people in need (think of the Red Cross). The color can also be associated with luxury and wealth: think of a red Ferrari or the soles of Louboutin shoes! 

Negative associations

Just as you can associate blood with life-giving properties or with violence, so can the color red. The color is often associated with aggression, danger, anger and pain. You can turn red with anger, and when something goes wrong with a person or a situation, you talk about red flags. 

red wall decoration  

The symbolism behind the color varies greatly and this also applies to the extent to which you bring the color forward in your space. Red wall decoration can be very dominant, but also come out very nicely! Just look at this print ''american beauty''from our movie scenes collection!

red art exhibit

red wall decoration  

Red is a powerful color. If you choose to hang red wall decoration, it is important that you display it in the right way so that you get the result you had in mind. For a nicely balanced effect, we recommend combining the strong red with softer colors. The red color then pops out but does not dominate! Although red can be associated with negative things, a touch of red in the form of art can make your interior. Discover red prints like the ''Pomegranate'' print from our food collection!

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