Ronde wanddecoratie

A trend that we see more and more around us is round wall decoration. Round wall decoration creates a nice, warm and playful effect on the wall. This is the latest collection from Walljar: wall circles. What is it made of and what does it look like? You can read it all in this blog!

Our round wall decoration designs

At Walljar we have different collections round wall decoration, Below we explain a number of collections by, among others, well-known painters.

Realistic still life with flowers

In the collection round wall decoration we have various designs with still lifes with flowers made by different painters. See for example it still life with flowers on a marble tabletop by Rachel Ruysh or the still life with flowers in a glass vase by van Jan Davidsz de Heem. Turn your interior into a real museum and now hang these works of art as a wall circle on your own wall!

Round wall decoration

William Morris Wall Circles

William Morris was England's foremost designer in the 19th century. He is known for his arts-and-crafts movement, in which he believed that mass production should be limited and that more crafts should remain. His works of art can also be found in the wall circles collection. What do you think of this one Jasmine wall circle of Wilow Bough wall circle? With these wall circles you will undoubtedly have original and unique wall decoration on the wall!

Round wall decoration

Own round wall decoration

In addition to the wall circles with still lifes or William Morris, you can also have your own design or photo printed with us! This way you can hang your favorite photos on the wall as works of art. Think of family photos, photos with friends, a nice snapshot you took on vacation or a photo of your pet. With the wall circles from Walljar you can hang art on the wall in a trendy way! 

Tip! Keep an eye on our website, our designers are working hard to make our round wall decoration collection expand!

Round wall decoration

You can hang round wall decorations here!

In principle, you can place round wall decoration on any wall. The easy adhesive system makes it super easy to hang the wall circles on the wall. Large wall circles look nice behind your couch, your bed or a wall that could use some more attention. 

You don't necessarily have to choose one large wall circle. It is also very nice to combine multiple sizes of wall circles, this gives a playful effect to your room.

The different materials in round wall decoration

Which material should you choose for your round wall decoration? We offer our wall circles in the materials: dibond, forex and wallpaper. Below is an explanation of the material specifications:

Dibond wall circle

Dibond is a strong panel with aluminum outer layers and a black plastic core. It feels light and the hard top layer gives the wall circle extra protection. The thickness of dibond is 3 mm and it is hung with an adhesive system. 

Forex Wall Circle

Forex is a light and flexible panel filled with foamed PVC. It is lightweight and the print on the foil gives the wall circle extra protection. The thickness of forex is just like the material dibond 3 mm and can be hung with an adhesive system. 

Wallpaper circle

The wallpaper circle is made of self-adhesive and wrinkle-free textile wallpaper. It is also water resistant and tear resistant. The wallpaper circle is easy to remove from the wall to hang it again or remove it. So ideal!

Round wall decoration

enjoy your round wall decoration!

Are you looking for new, refreshing decoration to hang on your wall? Then the round wall decoration trend is really something for you! With our collection of wall circles, including still lifes and William Morris designs, you bring real works of art into your home. Take a quick look now our wall circles collection and find your favorite so that your wall becomes a real eye-catcher!