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Today, Rotterdam is a modern city with beautiful architecture. After almost the entire city center was bombed in 1940, reconstruction of Rotterdam had to be started after the war. In the years that followed, Rotterdam was rebuilt and is now a modern metropolis with an architecture to be proud of. Discover our Rotterdam paintings in this blog now!

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• Rotterdam Central

Let's start with a fairly recent addition to the cityscape of Rotterdam. The new station was opened in 2014 and has a unique design. About 170.000 travelers pass by every day and this will only increase in the coming years. The Central Station has had a total metamorphosis and is now one of the architecture icons of the city. 

Since its opening, the new Rotterdam station has consistently scored very well when travelers are asked about the best stations in the Netherlands. Rotterdam again has a station that the residents can be proud of and this is of course part of a city like Rotterdam.

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Rotterdam paintings

• The Wholesale Building

Next to Rotterdam Central is the Groot Handelsgebouw, the icon of the reconstruction of Rotterdam. This national monument is the largest multi-company building in the country, a building that, just like Rotterdam, is imposing on the outside with an open character on the inside. The Wholesale Building is a real eye-catcher in the skyline of Rotterdam and a beautiful piece architecture

The Groot Handelsgebouw was a citizens' initiative that now offers space for all sorts of things. Here you can work flexibly, have lunch, meet, exercise and much more. huhThe building is home to more than 500 companies spread over 120.000 m2 of office, retail, catering and storage space.

Rotterdam paintings  

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• Rotterdam paintings: the Millennium Tower

The Millennium Tower is one of the tallest buildings in the city and a beautiful piece architecture VAN Rotterdam. The tower gets its name because it was completed in 2000. At the bottom of the tower you have the Manhattan hotel, the only five star hotel in Rotterdam.

The tower has a fantastic location that is surrounded by many different cafes, restaurants, museums, lunch spots and shops. This beautiful tower is a must have for every fan of our port city and one of the most beautiful Rotterdam paintings in our collection.

Rotterdam paintings The Millennium Tower is a piece of architecture to be proud of. Would you like to have this eye-catcher from Rotterdam on your wall? Then quickly check the collection.

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