Scandinavische badkamer

The Scandinavian style has a clean, minimalist aesthetic that is fresh and modern and is becoming increasingly popular. The Scandinavian style is one of the most beautiful styles for the bathroom. Transform your bathroom into a real Scandinavian bathroom with the tips below!

Create a look book

How to target a Scandinavian bathroom in? The first thing you can do when designing your unique Scandinavian-style bathroom is this: create a look-book! This guide will help you choose the tiles to decorate your new one bathroom! The best way to do this is on Pinterest by creating a board and pin anything you like.
scandinavian bathroom

Use natural materials in a scandinavian bathroom 

De Scandinavian bathroom is known for its bright white colours, minimalist details and the use of natural materials such as wood and stone. Scandinavian furniture is usually simple with clean lines, which works well in a bathroom. Scandinavian bathrooms have neutral colors such as beige, white or light gray. This interior uses a lot of glass to let more light into the space, making it feel spacious and bright!

scandinavian bathroom furniture 

Once you've decided which characteristics look best in your Scandinavian bathroom then look for Scandinavian furniture and matching accessories. The typical Scandinavian bathroom furniture is a wooden furniture with a white or black sink.

Scandinavian furniture is made of wood, not metal or plastic like in many other bathrooms. In addition, you comen a Scandinavian bathroom and almost always a matt white bath and toilet. 

The tiles in the bathroom

Scandinavian bathroom tiles are almost always white or light gray with a matte finish, which can help make the room feel brighter and more spacious. White tiles always look good in a Scandinavian bathroom, but do you want to add some color in the bathroom? Then choose pastel green concrete tiles, for example. The herringbone pattern is also very popular in this interior and provides a playful look.
scandinavian bathroom

Scandinavian bathroom accessories 

What kind Scandinavian bathroomr accessories do you use in the bathroom? Scandinavian accessories are very innovative and special. De scandinavian bathroom mostly has natural materials such as cotton wool rugs on top of stone floors and nice plants in black pots. The mirrors in the bathroom do not have prominent frames around them, so that the space appears larger. 

There are also many beautiful Scandinavian-style decorations that you can use, such as glass vases containing dried flowers. You will often color the matte black in the see accessories return: side tables, soap dispensers, wall shelves, baskets, etc. 

scandinavian bathroom

Now it's your turn to get started with a scandinavian bathroom!

Create your unique Scandinavian now bathroom with the above tips, and enjoy your new bathroom style!