Scandinavische slaapkamer

The Scandinavian interior trend remains a trending topic. The style has become indispensable and has evolved a lot. From light colors and natural materials to minimalist fabrics and items, everything to create an oasis of tranquility in a Scandinavian bedroom. To help you on your way, we have listed several tips for you. Be inspired and supplement the tips with your own creativity!

White is the basis in a Scandinavian bedroom 

When Scandinavian bedroom hear many white and light tones. With this you will immediately create a lot of peace in the space itself. The white and light tones are not just a characteristic. In Scandinavia they form an essential basis for the style, as it remains dark there for a long time and therefore remains somewhat lighter in the house. 

Natural materials

What really cannot be missing in one Scandinavian bedroom are the natural materials, such as: wood. Lots of wood. Whether it is a wooden bed, cupboard or shelf, let it come back a lot! Wood has a warm and cozy appearance. In addition, it is a natural material and will therefore have a soothing appearance in one Scandinavian bedroom. In addition to wood, you can also use other natural materials, such as bamboo or wool. This will dress up the bedroom and make it even cozier!

Smooth lines

During the Scandinavian bedroom you see a soothing interior. Bedside tables or beds are often made in a simple shape, without too many frills, curls or other busy shapes. For example, choose a white bedside table with thin, sleek legs. Or a bed with a sleek headboard. So go for minimalist items, because 'less is more!' 

Bring nature into a Scandinavian bedroom

You see a lot of blue and green in one Scandinavian bedroom. This is because blue and green are natural tones and a lot of tranquility in the bedroom bring. Blue represents the sky and water and green is the color of plants and trees. To bring some green and blue into the bedroom, you can use these colors in the accessories. For some greenery, you can buy a nice plant or a nice bunch of dried flowers. 

Scandinavian bedroom Paintings are also a good option for adding green and blue. Such as a poster or print with a lot of blue, like this one noji print

Art as the centerpiece of a Scandinavian bedroom

Art is a nice addition to all interiors, but certainly in one Scandinavian interior. Everything is so minimalist and soothing that a work of art will stand out here. You can go for minimalist art, or for a printer's work of art. For example, go for:

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Scandinavian accessoiries

There are many white and light shades in one Scandinavian bedroom. This is not to say that there are no other colors or dark colors in it products may come back. It works well to add accessories with some color or dark tones for contrast.

When you want to go for a bit tougher, Scandinavian bedroom you can very well opt for a black table lamp (in a sleek shape), but if you want to create a more romantic atmosphere, pastel shades are very suitable in a Scandinavian bedroom!

In addition, add lots of soft and high-quality fabrics. For example, buy linen duvets, or buy a nice plaid for the foot end. Rugs on the floor, or pillows are also must haves for in it Scandinavian interior!

Inspired by our Scandinavian interior tips? 

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