Scandinavische woonkamer

As hectic as everyday life is, the Scandinavian interior is so calm and minimalist. The Scandinavian living room is an emerging trend that can be seen in more and more homes. It is precisely because of all the hustle and bustle that there is a need for an interior design with simplicity. What exactly is a Scandinavian interior and how do you furnish your Scandinavian living room? You can read it in this blog!

Scandinavian interior

A Scandinavian interior is characterized by minimalism. Not too many superfluous furniture and accessories, a Scandinavian interior consists of simple and functional furniture that has a warm appearance. Neutral colors and natural materials are used, such as natural earth tones and wood.
Scandinavian living room

Step-by-step plan for your Scandinavian living room to decorate!

Minimalism, simplicity and warmth: it sounds quite simple to furnish a living room like this. Yet it is more difficult than you think, because the living room quickly becomes too busy or you miss the point. With this step-by-step plan you aim your Scandinavian living room in!

Step 1: Use natural colors and materials

It all starts with natural colors and materials. at a Scandinavian living room should have a wooden floor. This can be in a wood color or in white. As for the wall colors, light shades such as white and lighter gray tones are suitable. This ensures a good and especially light base. 
Scandinavian living room

Step 2: Provide a lot of (natural) light

In addition to light materials and colours, a lot of natural light is also important. Lots of light gives peace of mind and the space therefore appears optically larger. If you don't have large windows where a lot of light comes in, hang lighting or put down lamps to still provide a light space!

Step 3: Minimalist and Functional Furniture

Scandinavian furniture is functional and minimalist furniture in light or warm colours. Less is more, you don't have to have your entire living room full of furniture. Choose less furniture that is larger than all different chairs and side tables. When choosing furniture, natural materials are important. For example, choose a side table made of wood, this gives a calm atmosphere and you create unity in your home Scandinavian living room
Scandinavian living room

Step 4: Decoration

After the furniture comes decoration! Where you may now think that decoration does not fit a Scandinavian living room, decoration creates a warm and minimalist atmosphere. For example, plants provide a spatial and calm effect and are therefore crucial for you Scandinavian living room! Think of, for example, a banana plant or a palm. In addition, do not opt ​​for too many small accessories, but for somewhat larger quiet items such as a larger candle holder.
Scandinavian living room

Step 5: Wall Decor Scandinavian living room

Wall decoration at a Scandinavian living room is very important. It gives a warm atmosphere, but if you choose the wrong wall decoration, it can quickly become too busy, causing the room to lose its simplicity.

Line Art is perfect for you Scandinavian living room! The simple print keeps the living room calm and gives it a cozy and pleasant atmosphere. For example, combine this black and white Line Art Outline Faces III with female body.

If you want a little more color on the wall, this is it Couple Line Art suitable, and nice to combine with the Flower Line Art. Because the posters have the same color palette, this gives a warm and calm atmosphere!

Step 6: Final check

If you have followed all the steps, your Scandinavian living room all done! Do you already have a feeling of peace, warmth and simplicity? Enjoy the atmospheric and minimalist living room! 

your new Scandinavian living room

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