Schilderijen in de keuken

The kitchen is not only the place where you come to cook and eat, it is also the place where you come for lots of fun! A painting for the kitchen provides extra atmosphere in the room. You do that with the photo wall Lemons† In this blog you can read everything about this gallery wall!

The color palette

The color palette is actually a combination of black and white with refreshing colors. The black and white colors are reflected in the typography posters. The refreshing colors are reflected in the pink posters with the lemons on them. The combination gives a refreshing and cozy image, ideal for the kitchen but also any other wall!

The posters in this gallery wall

The gallery wall Lemons consists of four posters that consist of both typography posters and food posters. Below is a list of the individual designs:

Give Up Coffee

''I could give up coffee but I'm not a quitter." Of course, this quote is perfect if painting for the kitchen† After all, coffee is necessary to get through the day, you don't want to stop there. In addition, the typography poster is also nice in the office at the coffee corner.

Painting for the kitchen

Sliced ​​Lemons

Are you thinking of a painting for the kitchen, you think of course wall decoration with food on it. This one Sliced ​​Lemons poster gives the kitchen a cozy and refreshing atmosphere! The cheerful colors will immediately make you feel like summer again. 

Painting for the kitchen

Sliced ​​Lemons II

This Sliced ​​Lemons II poster is in the exact same style as the previous Sliced ​​Lemons poster. It therefore fits very well together and you are completely taken into the tropical and cozy atmospheres.

Painting for the kitchen

Yay Coffee

As an extension of the Give Up Coffee poster, this is painting for the kitchen very suitable. You don't just need coffee to start the day, it's also a good one every time yay moment naturally! 

Painting for the kitchen

For additional inspiration: are you looking for more inspiration or extra wall decoration for the kitchen in addition to this gallery wall? Read our blog about kitchen paintings that are perfect wall decorations for the kitchen!

final touches

Of course, looking at the gallery wall already makes you want lemons. That's why decoration is what fits well with the lemon painting for the kitchen real lemons of course! In addition, there is no need for unnecessary home accessories in the kitchen, which is impractical and often looks messy. Precisely by keeping it calm, the gallery wall gets all the attention!

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Food & drinks collection

Are you looking for someone else painting for the kitchen? Our food & drinks wall decoration consists of the nicest and tastiest wall decoration, ideal for the wall of your kitchen! The poster This Kitchen Is For Dancing shows that the kitchen is much more than just a place to cook. It is a place where people also come together for fun and to dance of course! Or the Banana Line ArtThis gives the kitchen a sleek and attractive look. Choose your favorite food & drinks wall decoration and hang it on the wall!
Paintings in the kitchen

Photo wall Lemons: ideal painting for the kitchen!

So you will find a painting in the kitchen at Walljar! With the photo wall Lemons give your kitchen wall or any other wall a new and refreshing look. And if you prefer something other than lemons on the wall, you can choose your favorite painting for the kitchen choose from our food & drinks collection! 

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