Schilderijen aan de muur

You have chosen the nicest furniture and everything is neatly in its place. Nice cushions, a nice carpet and here and there some plants. Yet something is missing. What are you going to do with all the bare walls? Because of those bare spots there is really missing a cozy atmosphere! Therefore hang wall decoration on it. You can solve this problem with a number of paintings on the wall. We put the bestsellers for you in a row!

Abstract paintings

Abstract paintings on the wall  

Understanding abstract art seems difficult according to many, but it is very simple. You really don't need more than an open mind and a great imagination! You can abstract art interpret it the way you want it, and that's why abstract paintings on the wall be so cool. It is timeless and gives a modern atmosphere to your interior!

Photographic paintings 

To be photographic schilderijen more your thing? You can also find these at Walljar! In the photography collection you will find the most beautiful black and white paintings. From beautiful cities, to architecture, portraits, objects and bodies. So there is always something that suits you. 

Our Morocco collection contains photography of the most beautiful places and buildings in Morocco. The photos in this collection have a pleasant warm and soft glow with beautiful colors. This way you can combine these prints with other paintings for a beautiful combination paintings on the wall

Are you a real football fan? Then are paintings on the wall of ours football collection what you should go for. Within this collection you will find unique photos of various Dutch clubs. Action moments, stadiums, team photos… Take a quick look to see if your favorite club is among them! 
Photographic paintings on the wall

Botanical paintings

Botanical paintings on the wall  

De botanical schilderijen by William Morris are unique, colorful and really brighten up your interior. Morris is known for its special wallpaper, prints and rugs. His prints are very hip to like paintings on the wall and can be wonderfully combined with others schilderijen!

Landscape paintings

Landscape paintings on the wall  

In nature we feel calmer, more relaxed and often happier. And this can be explained! Spending time in nature appears to be good for our well-being and health. However, you cannot relax in nature every day. So take nature into your home with a beautiful landscape painting! Of landscape schilderijen on the wall you create a bit of a zen atmosphere that you experience in nature.

Want to discover more?

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