TV hoek inrichten

Furnishing the TV corner: what do you have to take into account and how do you go about it? It's a place we spend a lot more time in than we actually realize. Often there is already a comfortable sofa and television to watch your favorite programs, but this does not mean that it is immediately a cozy place. We therefore give you a number of tips for cozy furnishing of the TV corner! 

Choose a nice TV furniture 

When you start with furnish the TV corner, the most important step is choosing a TV cabinet. You can go in different directions with this. Do you opt for a large TV cabinet with drawers so that you can store all other equipment, or for a modern low and long TV cabinet? This determines the final look and feel of your tv corner

A TV stand is also an option. It takes up less space and is easy to move. Handy for when you don't have much space! Or do you choose it hang up from the TV on the wall? This also saves a lot of space and looks very sleek and neat! 

Make a collage with wall decoration

The TV is usually in the center of the living room or tv corner. But it is certainly not attractive. Here you can easily make changes! One of the most valuable tips we can give you to to set up the TV corner, is to a collage to create, i.e. a photo wall around your TV. This is possible with beautiful schilderijen, posters or even personal photos! With help from a collage turn a room into the coziest chill spot in your house. Read here how do you get such a photo wall creates! And view our wide range of wall decoration!
Set up a TV corner

Add a rug 

The space between the sofa and the TV can also be a bit decoratie use. do you go the set up a TV corner, make sure you have a nice dress! Not only does it give you warm feet in the winter, it also gives you a lot more atmosphere right away tv corner

Little one decorations for extra atmosphere

you are done with furnish the TV cornerEverything is there, but you're just missing something. add some decorations please! Think of candles, blankets and pillows, lights and what green plants. It's those little dots on the i that make you tv corner complete! 

Ready to decorate? 

Do you want to see the set up a TV corner and are you still looking for fun wall decoration? Discover here all our collections from prints on posters, canvas and plexiglass!