Mancave inrichten: de beste ideeën - Walljar

Setting up a man cave is highly regarded on every man's dream list. Are you finally taking on this project and looking for some man cave ideas or inspiration? We have tips that will help you realize your plans. Please read on! 

Interior style 

Setting up the man cave naturally starts with the furniture. Having trouble choosing an interior style? Try metal and wood furniture! An industrial look fits very well in a mancave and gives a masculine atmosphere. 

Add a bar 

One thing that can't miss in a mancave is a bar. So get a bar with some stools and of course add a fridge to keep the drinks cold. This way you prevent walks to the kitchen and you always have a cold beer nearby!

Set up a man cave with a big screen

Important at the man cave decorate is that there is a TV present. How else are you going to watch sports matches… not via a laptop screen? Find the right size screen or use a projector! Keep in mind that the screen is in proportion to the seats, so you can appreciate the pixels from where you sit. Are you a real fan of a football club? Then look in our football collection whether there is a beautiful painting for you that really completes your man cave.
Man cave painting

A central games table

A dream of every man, but certainly not the most important thing to have in a mancave to have. If you do have the money, then adding a game table is a great element. Take for example pool, table football or poker: it makes you mancave really off!  

Decorating man cave with wall decoration

Very nice when all the necessities are there, but setting up a man cave without atmosphere is simply not yet. The easiest option is to wall decorations to add! for real mancave posters can you get our motivation collection view this posters will give the atmosphere you lack. 
Man cave painting

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