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Do you have a new bedroom or does your room just need a makeover? In addition to our posters, canvas paintings and plexiglass paintings, we also have photo wallpaper† If you're looking for bedroom wallpaper ideas, then this blog is for you! In this blog we give you inspiration and tips for wallpapering your bedroom. 

What fits in the space?

When choosing a design for the wallpaper in your bedroom you have to take into account the room in which you will wallpaper:

  • Choose calm prints and colors if you are going to wallpaper in a small space. 
  • In a large space you can go in all directions. A large room is ideal for wallpaper with detailed and larger prints.
  • Not big and not small? Then you can combine large and/or busy prints with lighter colors in the rest of the room. 

What suits you? 

With photo wallpaper you can go in all directions! Choose a place where you like to be, something that you find beautiful or that gives you peace of mind. Photo Wallpaper is ideal for giving your room a makeover. To help you make a choice, we've listed some great ones below: bedroom wallpaper ideas listed in different categories. 

Bedroom wallpaper ideas for the flower lover

The first wallpaper that we think suits a real flower lover is Home Flower Bed† A large print with a nice mix of white and pink colors. 

Bedroom wallpaper ideas

Less colour, but no less beautiful is this black and white floral print. Sentimental Garden (Black and White) is a large print with many details, but still calm.

 Bedroom wallpaper ideas

Quiet and calm

If you are mainly looking for peace and quiet in your bedroom, then you want a somewhat quieter or lighter print. in that case is Wall Mural Desert in the Moonlight really something for you. A beautiful brown-pink landscape to dream away.  

Bedroom wallpaper ideas

Or would you rather lie with your head in the clouds with Photo Wallpaper Cobalt Clouds† Wonderfully soothing blue for a calm bedroom.

Bedroom wallpaper ideas


You can fully recharge in nature with one of the landscapes on photo wallpaper. Sunrise over the Baltic Sea gives a nice warm atmosphere to your bedroom. 

Bedroom wallpaper ideas

Or do you choose a beautiful autumn landscape as in Photo Wallpaper Autumn Park† In which it's like being in a forest in the fall.

Bedroom wallpaper ideas

Bedroom wallpaper ideas for the traveler 

Do you love to travel? Then a photo wallpaper with the world map on it is really something for you. We have them in different variants. A favorite is Wall mural World in brown tones.  

Bedroom wallpaper ideas

Or opt for a cityscape of one of your favorite cities, such as Wall Mural San Francisco by night

Bedroom wallpaper ideas

Tips for hanging photo wallpaper 

Have you never wallpapered before? Then we have the following tips for you:

  • Provide a smooth clean and dry surface
  • Make sure you have all the necessary materials at hand
  • Have a damp sponge handy to wipe off excess wallpaper paste
  • Ask for help! Wallpapering together makes it a lot more fun
  • Use a wallpaper pressure roller to remove air bubbles

Self-adhesive photo wallpaper

If you don't feel like bumbling with glue, choose self-adhesive photo wallpaper† It is a versatile product that you can use for both a small and a large wall. The photo is applied to self-adhesive film with a matte finish. Both the material itself and the print used are water and UV resistant, so that the colors do not fade!

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A lot bedroom wallpaper ideas gained from this blog, but still want to look further? In our webshop you will find many more wallpapers to style your bedroom completely to your liking.