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Is it time for a new color in the bedroom? The color in your bedroom does a lot with the space. Bedroom colors each have their own meaning. Read on to find out which colors have which effects on your bedroom!

Frozen bedroom colors

The color yellow in a bedroom is cheerful en stimulating. The color yellow has a stimulating effect on the brain and because of this yellow is also associated with knowledge and wisdom. For example, you can go for a cheerful bright yellow color in the bedroom or if you want to create a more timeless look you can use ocher yellow.
Yellow bedroom

Blue bedroom colors

The color blue in bedrooms stands for calm, serenity en relaxation. This color is perfect for improving your sleep. The color blue is calming and ensures a calmer heart rhythm. Blue is also a pure, serene color that will certainly give you a zen bedroom. In addition, this color can be combined well with soft/nude colors for an optimal effect!
Blue bedroom colors

Green bedroom

Green bedroom colors are calming en natuurlijk. The color green also stands for growth and balance, which makes it associated with nature and health. With this color you bring a piece of nature into your bedroom. When you add a few green plants in this interior, this will also contribute to better health. Plants purify the air!

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Green bedroom colors

Rode bedroom colors

The color red in a bedroom stands for romance en cosiness. So are you in the mood for a super romantic bedroom? Beautiful! The color red represents strength, passion and love. With these elements you will have a cozy bedroom in no time. Keep in mind that it is best not to paint the entire bedroom red with this color. This can make the room look smaller and restless.  
Bedroom colors

beige bedroom

Today this is one of the most popular for the wall in the bedroom. Beige bedroom colors are natuurlijk en comfortable. With this bedroom color you create a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere. It is a timeless color and will look good in any home. The beige bedroom colors immediately give a warm and cozy feeling in the house, and who wouldn't want that?! 
Beige bedroom colors

Orange bedroom

The color orange in the bedroom stands for relaxation en trustworthy consistency. The color also represents warmth, energy and positive thinking. It will contribute to more positive energies making you bedroom and you immediately get a relaxed feeling. 
Orange bedroom

Bedroom colors which you better avoid

De bedroom colors grey, purple and brown are best avoided on the wall altogether. These colors make for a less good night's sleep, and that is of course not what you want! Do you still want to use these colors? Which can! Then use this in the accessories of your bedroom such as in the wall decoration. This way, these colors are not too dominant.

Tips for painting your walls in a pronounced color

  • Paint the wall behind your bed in your chosen color. This makes the room cozier and ensures that the wall visually stands out. The darker the color you have chosen, the stronger its effect.
  • Do not paint all the walls the same color. In addition to your chosen color, it is best to place white or nude colors on the other walls.
  • Do you want to make your room look bigger? Then paint the wall with the smallest surface a bright/pronounced color.

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