Wherever you live, everyone has a city that you are very proud of. You really feel a connection and a lot of love with that city. You want to show that pride to as many people as possible. You do that by the city ​​maps to hang from that city. With Walljar's city maps collection, you can do that anyway. In this blog we explain this beautiful collection!

City maps in all shapes and sizes

Our city ​​maps from major cities in the Netherlands we have available in different colors, patterns and materials: 

  • This is how we have the city ​​maps available in black white or white black. Only the main outlines of the city center can be seen here, along with the city's coordinates and name. This immediately gives the wall a sleek and modern look. 
  • In addition, all city ​​maps available in blue and white or vice versa. The city is cut out round and here again the name of the city and the coordinates can be seen. 
  • If you want a striking city map, we have city ​​maps where the map is shown in red and purple, with the city name in white letters. This is immediately the eye-catcher of the house!
  • If purple and red are too flashy for you, our city map in blue and orange is perfect for you! These elegant colors let the city ​​maps look classic and are therefore suitable for any interior. 
  • All city ​​maps wall decorations are also available in different sizes and in the materials canvas, poster and plexiglass. So there is plenty of choice so that you can make the city map completely personal!

City maps of cities in the Netherlands

These four different styles city ​​maps we have for many different cities in the Netherlands. Here we explain a few:

Amsterdam Center

It is the beautiful capital of our little country: Amsterdam! The capital has more than 820.000 inhabitants and is known for its many canals, bicycles that are parked everywhere and all museums such as the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum. Or you go for the city map Amsterdam Center IV or for the red and purple City Map Amsterdam Center V, this way you show your love for the city!

Tip:: In addition to the city ​​maps we have many more posters of Amsterdam. More about this collection Amsterdam posters will be featured in the blog!

City maps

Rotterdam Center

It is the port city of the Netherlands: Rotterdam! With over 580.000 inhabitants, it is the second largest city in the Netherlands after Amsterdam. The City map Rotterdam Center II we have wall decoration as black and white, but the City Map Rotterdam Center VI also available in blue and orange. 

Must read: Would you like to visit Rotterdam? In this blog you can read all about it what to do in Rotterdam!

City maps

Utrecht Center

It is known as the Cathedral City: Utrecht! The city has more than 350.000 inhabitants. With the Dom of Utrecht, Hoog Catharijne, the Beatrix Theater and all the canals and shops, it is a pleasant and cultural city. Of course you would like to have that hanging on your wall! For example, hang the City map Utrecht Center III on or the purple with red City map Utrecht Center V. us.

City maps

The Hague Center

The city where politics is practiced and many museums, monuments and shops can be found: The Hague! The city has more than 500.000 inhabitants and is also known as the city behind the dunes. Hang this blue and white with pride City map The Hague IV us. 

City maps

Other Central Cities in the Netherlands

In addition to these major cities in the Netherlands, we also have the city ​​maps from Breda, Den Bosch, Eindhoven, Groningen, Nijmegen and Tilburg. These cities are also available as wall decorations in all colors and sizes. 

Hang the city ​​maps up on your wall!

Show how proud you are of your favorite city with this city ​​maps to hang up! Whether you go for a sleek black and white wall decoration, or a classic orange and blue city map: there is something for everyone! Go to the website quickly and order your favorite city ​​map