Boekenplank ideeën

Bookshelf ideas: tips to transform your bookshelf!

Tips & tricks

The bookshelf: it is not only functional, but it can also look very nice. With this below bookshelf ideas can you make your bookshelf the showpiece of the room!

5x de kunsttrends van 2023 - Walljar

5x the art trends of 2023

Tips & tricks
Are you looking for new art to add to your interior? If so, you're in luck! Be here 5 art trends which will be popular in 2023. From abstract pieces to vibrant colors, there's something for everyone.
wanddecoratie mooi houden

How do you keep wall decoration beautiful?

Tips & tricks

We all want our wall art to look beautiful, but sometimes it can be difficult to achieve that goal. There are a few simple things you can do to keep your wall art looking good. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Hoe hang ik mijn behang op?

How do I hang my wallpaper?

Tips & tricks
An uneven wall that needs to be camouflaged, or just spotted a nice design with us? In this article, we explain how best to use our non-woven wallpaper, and give you step-by-step wallpaper instructions and tips. Get out your glue brush!
Italiaanse posters

La Dolce Vita: How did they do that?

A new collection: La Dolce Vita. A collection that brings the Mediterranean feeling into your home with serene photos with soft tones and that little bit of color! But how did they do that?
Keuzestress bij posters kopen: This or that? - Walljar

Stress of choice when buying posters: This or that?

Tips & tricks
We understand that you buy posters you can run into certain things, such as choice stress. With this blog we want to help you make choices a little easier with buy posters.
Join Walljar’s Affiliate Programma! - Walljar

Join Walljar's Affiliate Program!

Tips & tricks
Earn money by sharing your discount code We are very happy with all the orders we receive and we want to give something in return. Read more about the affiliate program!
Eerste hulp bij behang plakken - Walljar

First aid for pasting wallpaper

Tips & tricks
Paste wallpaper way too difficult? This is mainly because these people have never wallpapered themselves. Today we explain why you should wallpaper and how you should approach this.
Een online cadeaubon voor de interieur liefhebber! - Walljar

An online gift voucher for the interior enthusiast!

Tips & tricks
The perfect gift for the interior enthusiast is a online gift voucher from Walljar. In this blog you can read how it works.
Bestel vandaag nog Walljar’s producten in de groothandel en krijg €300 korting! - Walljar

Order Walljar's products wholesale today and get €300 off!

Tips & tricks
For all our corporate customers, we have partnered with Faire to sell our wholesale products online. Join Faire today to shop our line and get €300 off and 1 year free shipping.*
Poster cadeau - Walljar

15x poster gift ideas

Tips & tricks
A poster gift is original and you are guaranteed to make someone happy with it. That's why you read in this blog 15x wall decoration gift ideas!

Valentine's gift: wall decoration from Walljar!

Tips & tricks
a nice valentine's gift buy at Walljar! In this blog you can read inspiration for the best Valentine's gifts to give to your loved one and we also have a nice present for you!
The best interior blogs to get wall decoration inspiration. From the most beautiful photo walls, to highlighting collections and tips & tricks for hanging wall decorations. In addition, we also provide more information about the materials here: posters, canvas paintings, plexiglass paintings, photo wallpaper and much more! You can find it all in the Walljar blogs!

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