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One of the most popular ways to entertain guests and have a good time in your home is with a home theater. However, there are many decisions that need to be made before starting this home theater project. This blog post covers some of those decisions so you can get started today!

Choose the right screen

The first decision you need to make is what kind of screen you want to use. Do you go a home theater to make with a large TV screen or a projector? Do you choose this second option? Then there are many different options for projectors. We recommend using a resolution of at least 1080p so as not to strain people's eyes too much. 

Are you going for a TV screen? Then it is important to choose which screen size you want to use. This depends on the size of the room, and how close the viewers are from the screen. If you want a more immersive experience where people are closer than 2 meters from the screen, we recommend using a 50 inch TV. For every additional meter someone sits away from the screen, brightness decreases by about 20%. So if you have a very large room where viewers sit far away from the screen, a screen around 80 inches would work well for optimal viewing angles!

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Make home cinema

Make home cinema: the seats

The next step at a home theater to make: What kind of chairs do I need? This is really a personal preference, but if you're going for the full theater experience, we recommend buying reclining seats. These can be very comfortable and luxurious! Just make sure the chairs fit the size of your room so they don't look too out of place with the rest of the room.

But do you have a projector and many people come over? Then throw all the mattresses on the floor in the living room and create a comfortable lounge area to watch your favorite movie!

Lighting in your home cinema

The next topic for a make home cinema: What kind lighting I need? For a home theater where you want everything pitch black except the movie screen itself, it's recommended to have blackout curtains or large blinds on all windows. The last thing anyone wants while looking at something is having outside light coming into their eyes every few seconds from cars driving by.

For those of us planning to use a projector, it's recommended to have bright, white light that can be turned off. Since projectors usually block all incoming light by default, it will take some trial and error to find the ideal amount of brightness for your room!

Make home cinema: dress it up nicely

And finally we come to the accessoiries. These depend entirely on how much money you want to spend and which features are most important to you (for example, whether sound quality is more important than having a lot of functionality). The most important things everyone needs at a make home cinema, regardless of the price range, are an amplifier/receiver and speakers. Make sure that the amplifier or receiver also has enough connections for all the components, whether that is a Blu-ray player, game console, Apple TV or something else! 

Then you can buy speakers that you can connect directly to the amplifier. If your budget allows and if audio is important to you, consider purchasing speaker cables with some sort of shielding. These help to prevent noise from interfering with sound quality as much as possible.
Make home cinema

A make home cinema done with these tips!

Now that you've got all the tips, you can get started creating your ideal home theater. Discover also the best movie posters from Walljar for your home cinema!