Jouw thuiswerkplek inrichten met wanddecoratie van Walljar - Walljar

We are already a year further since corona entered our country. Many of us have had to make a big switch in daily life because of this; Suddenly working from home had become the norm. Instead of working in the office, we had to create an office from our home front. But how am I going to set up that home workplace?

Despite the fact that it has been going on for so long, it takes getting used to. Everyone still struggled with periods in which he or she is completely through it and gets out of bed with difficulty. Perhaps with some wall decoration and other tips you can get through this a lot stronger! We are happy to help you with it furnishing your home workplace.

Make it cozy 

Do you work productively in an office where there is no cozy atmosphere? Or do you feel much more motivated to get started in a space where it is neat, clean and cozy? This is so important! Make it an organized place and decorate the space. Setting up a home workplace has never been so easy with the following ways!

1. Decorate your wall with photography

If you love photography, the walls of your home workspace are nothing less than a gallery space! Set up a home workplace with this kind wall decoration can give you a sense of accomplishment. For example, check out the vintage cities collection with vintage photos of the most beautiful cities in the Netherlands. 
Hofplein wall decorationDo you enjoy photography and do you shoot your own photos? Then you can choose this art to have it printed op posters, canvas or plexiglass

2. Hang motivational wall art 

 When you find yourself struggling to get through the day and get to a point where you have lost motivation, it is difficult to find it again. Motivational art can help you with this! Take a look at the motivation collection: a collection especially for motivation seekers. Are in this collection motivational prints can be found on posters, canvas and plexiglass Success island home office

3. Use natural prints 

Wall decorations of natural elements can have a therapeutic effect. This is a good option, especially if you don't have green fingers and you still want to bring some greenery into your home. For setting up a home workplace, for example, use posters from plant, flowers of landscapes to dto make the room a little quieter. 

4. Minimalism is more 

For the minimalism fanatics among us; keep it nice and subtle. Don't get too busy, don't fill up your walls either, but opt ​​for simple wall decoration. line-art for instance! It's a popular trend, but why? Because minimalism is more! You can create a wonderful atmosphere with something simple, something that your home workplace can use. 
Abstract art office

5. Create a picture wall that makes you happy

Wall decoration in the form of photo walls is a unique way to create your to furnish your home workplace and to brighten things up a bit. Choose prints that make you happy and combine them. So you have art hanging around you that, when you are through it, can cheer you up a bit. In any case, the atmosphere will always be a lot better than without it wall decoration

Gallery wall home office

Do you know anyone who can use these tips? 

Do you know someone who could also use some tips for setting up a home workplace? Share it with your colleagues, friends or family; everyone can use some inspiration during these times!