When your child is this age and is now a real teenager, he or she would also like to have a more mature room. That is why we have made a number of designs especially for the teenagers especially for the teenage room. Proper wall decoration for certain styles: sporty, motivational, fashion or trendy. Whatever your teen's character, there will always be a poster that fits well with his/her room. 

For the tough guys

The room in which he is gaming is sleeping and has to do his homework. He spends a lot of time here and that's why this room could also get a makeover. To completely transform your teenager's room, you can of course go for other furniture and other colors on the walls. But if you want to go a little more subtle, go for other accessories. We have some nice wall decoration ideas for a cool teen room organised:

Teen room poster

Motivation Posters

Stop wasting time and invest time in hard work: that's what this motivational poster says. ''Money never sleeps'. Does your teen spend a lot of time in bed and playing a lot of games? Then maybe he could use a motivational quote in his room! With this quote, he will be remembered every day for working hard! Discover all motivational quotes here

Teen room poster

football posters

Is your son a real football fan? We have the best posters of all top clubs from the Netherlands. View all posters in the football collection and find your son's favorite club. Below you can see an awesome poster of The tub from 1937.

Teen room poster

Formula 1 posters

Do you watch all Formula 1 circuits with your son? Top! Then the motorsport collection is a nice addition to the teen room. In this collection you will find Formula 1 posters, Formula III, Formula V and motor racing posters.

For the trendy girls

The girls' room: a place where your daughter watches series, does some makeup with friends or does schoolwork. Find the best wall decoration together with your daughter to make it her own personal place. We have a number of beautiful items for the real trendsetters:
Art for the teen room

Teen room poster

Feminine poster

Show your daughter that every body is beautiful and that she can be there! With this female posters your daughter will be reminded every day to go through life with certainty and get a real confidence boost. 

 Teen room poster

Abstract posters

Is your daughter's room already a busy mess and do you want the wall decoration to give you some peace of mind? Then go for the best abstract posters in beautiful pink/earth tones. These posters are also too crazy to combine in a gallery wall. Ideal for the teen room!

 Teen room poster

fashion posters

Does your daughter like clothes, make-up and chatting? Then our fashion posters fit in well with her personality. With art on the wall in the teen room your daughter will be inspired daily!


Art for the teen room to buy?

Now that you've gained inspiration, you can get to work on those teen room of your adolescent. But don't forget: involve your child too, it is their room after all!