Tiny house

small living in a tiny house? Super awesome! But where do you actually start? What are important things you should know? What all needs to be arranged? After reading this guide you will have a good idea of ​​what is involved if you want to buy a tiny house and you will immediately know whether small living is really something for you! 

what is a tiny house?

TinyHouse: it has an origin in America through the 'Tiny House Movement': a philosophy that mainly revolves around settling for less. tiny houses are therefore fully-fledged homes on a small scale, with a maximum surface area of ​​50m2 and the smallest possible ecological footprint. Immediately tiny house lifestyle are you going small living while using the resources at your disposal as efficiently as possible. Sustainable, cheap and it often makes you happier too!
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Reasons to choose small living

There are several reasons to move from a 'normal' house to a small living. The following points are the most frequently mentioned reasons. Does this appeal to you? Then is small living maybe something for you! 

1. Living small is a lot cheaper

A tiny house is a lot cheaper than living in a normal house. You can a tiny house namely already have for €30.000 to €35.000, depending on the size, props and specific housing needs. It is still a lot of money, but many times cheaper than an average owner-occupied home.

Your fixed costs will also be a lot lower, since you often use less energy in a tiny house. Getting a mortgage for a tiny house is difficult, however; many banks do not provide a mortgage for construction or purchase. small living is therefore cheaper, but you will have to pay for it with your own resources.

2. Living small makes happier

Are you making the switch to small to go live, then in this process you will think a lot about what is really important to you. Because you go from having a lot of space to a limited amount of space, you will have to say goodbye to a lot of stuff. This can be very tough emotionally, but did you know that the less stuff you own, the less stress you experience? You will get to know yourself much better during this process, small living and learn to be happy in a tiny house with the things that matter.

3. Living small is sustainable

For many an important subject and a great advantage of a tiny house: you live a lot more environmentally friendly. Because you live on a small surface, you need much less heating and lighting than in a 'normal' house and you will save a lot more on this.

In addition, a tiny house often built with sustainable materials, and a lot less materials than a normal house will need. And did you know that a tiny house can be self-sufficient? So you can choose your tiny house to run on solar energy and use rainwater. Finally you will at small living notice that you need a lot less stuff, which is also super eco-friendly. Stuff is the number 1 environmental culprit! So if you want to reduce your ecological footprint, then small living a unique option!
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tiny houses and the regulations

Building Decree 2012

Do you want a legal tiny house building, you will have to comply with the rules in the Building Decree 2012. The Building Decree is full of regulations that new buildings must adhere to. These rules are sometimes very specific, such as the minimum m2 of surface, the width of the entrance or the steepness of the stairs. These are points that for a tiny house can be troublesome; In order to save space, for example, a staircase can be steeper than what is allowed under the Building Decree. The Building Decree may therefore seem very strict, but because innovation is encouraged, there is the 'equivalence provision'. This means that you may deviate from certain rules, as long as it is still safe for people and the environment.  

Environmental permit 

In addition, an environmental permit is required, which is also a permit for the construction of a structure that may cause nuisance to people and the environment. You can apply for this online via the building counter of your municipality. You need suitable construction drawings for this: it may even be the case that the municipality requires that these are made by a qualified structural engineer. 

Destination plan 

Every plot in the Netherlands needs a zoning plan. It states where, what and for what purpose can be built. For placing or building a tiny house do you need a piece of land or plot with the destination 'residential'. 

Check out the website www.ruimtelijkeplans.nl to see which destination has a location. 
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What does one cost tiny house

The costs for a tiny house are different and depend on 3 options: buy ready-made, build yourself with a kit or build completely yourself. We discuss the 3 options with the associated costs! 

A buy tiny house | buy ready-made

One ready tiny house you can buy from around €40.000 euros. The final costs depend on your own choices; the props, special expensive installations or interior requirements, the size, etc. When you tiny house If you go on wheels, there will also be additional costs for the trailer.

How much does a tiny house cost when you use a kit?

Don't you want for a ready-made tiny house go, but is it completely self-build a tiny house just a little too ambitious? Then you would a tiny house construction kit to consider. This is possible from as little as €12.000. There are some costs on top of this to finish the house from the inside and you will of course have to put in a lot of hours to set up the whole house. Still, it's an interesting option when you own a tiny house want to build, but do not have enough knowledge or self-confidence to realize it all on your own. 

How much does a tiny house cost when you build it yourself?

Are you going a tiny house building it yourself will save you a lot of money. The costs will be around €25.000, depending on the choice of materials, size, off-grid installations, etc. This way you can limit the costs considerably by using free, second-hand, found or received materials. This option also gives you the opportunity to tiny house to give it your own unique look! Of course, this requires a large dose of knowledge and skill.
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small living on wheels or without wheels?

Do you want a tiny house If you buy or build it, you have the option to purchase it with or without wheels. This choice mainly depends on how often you want to move and how large you want to live. If you do not want to stay in one location and move regularly, we recommend that you tiny house on wheels to choose. 

Both options have pros and cons. For a clear overview you can look at the following page: https://tinyhouse-store.nl/tiny-house-met-of-zonder-wielen/ 
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The location of you tiny house

Choosing a location for you tiny house can be quite a challenge. As we mentioned earlier, a piece of land must have the right destination (zoning plan). For example, your destination is 'agriculture', but you may not put a house on it unless a building area is indicated on the piece of agricultural land. For destination 'recreation' it is only allowed to use one tiny house to rent or let, but not for permanent living. Find a location for you tiny house will therefore be difficult and requires a lot of time, but there are possibilities. 

Buying land for you tiny house

This way you can buy a piece of land, but this does not mean that you own one tiny house may build on: make sure that the ground is intended for building on. When you have an environmental permit and meet the various requirements, you can get one tiny house build it and make it your permanent address. 

Building a tiny house on someone else's land

In addition, there is the possibility to build on someone else's land. Again, you must have a permit for this and meet the requirements. The disadvantage is that you are on someone's land and therefore cannot have your own address: you are registered at the address of the larger house on the plot of land.

tiny house on a leasehold

With ground lease you do not buy a piece of land, but you rent it. Also in this situation you will need an environmental permit and have to meet the various requirements, but you do have the option to have this as a permanent address. 

Je tiny house at a camping

Can you get a tiny house build on a campsite? Especially when you have a tiny house on wheels, there are possibilities in this. However, this ultimately differs from campsite to campsite. Living would be difficult, but temporary living will be possible on various campsites. 

Tiny housing housing projects

There is growing interest from municipalities in tiny houses, but because this movement is still relatively new, there are still many questions. There is therefore a lot of experimentation with various housing projects. on Tiny House In the Netherlands you can find all initiatives in the Netherlands regarding tiny housing: https://www.tinyhousenederland.nl/kaart/ 
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Talk to the municipality

Small living in a tiny house requires a lot of organizing. Therefore, talk to your municipality. This way you have more clarity and you know where your options lie. There may even be plans on the table for a tiny house community! 

Tip: try small living go out!

Are you small living considering, but is the idea still too exciting to actually push through? Just try it out! Rent a tiny house and experience for yourself what it is like to live so small for a month. Certainly if you now live in a 'normal' house, it will be a major switch. Try it out and you'll know if that switch will be worth it. And if you have already decided to take the step, good luck and have fun with small living