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At Walljar we are continuously expanding the range. Now we have good news for everyone who loves to travel, a vintage interior style and color. We have a new collection of posters filled with colorful vintage travel posters, with which you can bring your favorite cities and countries into your home. Today we show you some designs from this colorful new collection. 

Vintage travel posters in your interior

The new collection suits many interior styles, but because of the vintage style, they fit extra well with the vintage interior style. You can give your interior a vintage look by mixing new and old things. Do you often scour flea markets and vintage stores for the perfect item for your home? Styling a vintage interior often takes a while. It's a process, because you just have to come across a good vintage piece. It must of course be completely correct in your home. With the new travel posters in our Vintage Collection we lend you a helping hand by means of beautiful wall decoration.

Colorful collection

The new Collection Travel Posters is inspired by your favorite cities and countries. With the vintage posters you bring them into your home. In this collection you will see many different colors in combination with illustrations and typography. There are no less than 85 different travel posters from which to choose. And can't you choose? Then you can of course create a very nice gallery wall with different posters. 

Tip: For photo wall inspiration, look at our photo walls page 


The city of love, croissants, wine and cheese. Your heart beats faster when you think of France, the culture and the food. That's why you choose one or more of the travel posters inspired by this beautiful country. For instance Paris Skyline. 

travel posters


In the new collection of Vintage Travel Posters we also have a wide choice of posters with beautiful abstract prints from Japan. From temples to landscapes and cityscapes in the most beautiful colors. What do you think of Japan Landscape Vintage

travel postersAustralië 

When you think of Australia, you quickly think of backpacking, kangaroos and the city of Sydney. The country has a very diverse nature with deserts, mountains, rainforests, beaches and waterfalls. The animal world in Australia is just as diverse. A little of this country at home? How about this beautiful one vintage travel posters: Australia Koalas

travel posters


Italy is one of the favorite holiday countries of many Dutch people. So of course this country cannot be missed in our collection of Vintage Travel Posters. Do you go for a beautiful poster with Tuscan valleys, such as Italian Riviera or do you opt for typical Venetian gondolas? 

travel posters

Jyour favorite travel posters to combine

As a real travel fanatic, you naturally want to show at home which places in the world make you very happy. In our collection Photo art you will find beautiful pictures of different cities and countries. But the travel posters can also be combined very well with posters from the collection typography† For example, combine Photo wall Paris with posters from this new collection. 

Check quickly whether your favorite city or country is also among them!

Besides the countries France, Japan, Italy and Australia, we also have travel posters from other countries, so you can choose your favorite country or city. You can purchase the posters individually or in a beautiful frame.