Trendkleuren 2022

The new year has arrived, and that means the latest trends of 2022 are starting! Trend colors 2022: which colors are they exactly and where do you use all these colors? You can read that and more in this blog!

Year of change

2021 was a strange year for most of us. A year in which we spent a lot of time at home and had to work from home. We want to go outside again, there is a need for change! Hopefully 2022 will be a year in which many things are allowed and possible again. The new trend colors respond to the need to bring the outdoors in!

Trend colors 2022warm tones with a gray undertone

An emerging trend are warm tones with a gray undertone. Think of colors like blue and green, but also colors like pink, purple, yellow and brown. The gray undertone makes the colors feel calm, making it suitable for any interior. These colors are easy to combine and perfect for on the wall, your new sofa or to use as a color for your accessories!

One way to make your newly painted wall in a shade with gray undertones stand out even better is to create a gallery wall on the wall! By choosing the right posters for your newly painted wall, you give your interior a whole new look. look at here. inspiration for the photo walls!
Trend colors 2022

Sigma Coatings trend colors 2022: Olive Sprig

Green is the color of renewal, energy and nature. This is exactly what we need in 2022! Green tones are therefore an emerging trend. And no, not bright green, but the warmer green shades of green such as leaf green and olive green. The trend color of Sigma Coatings is therefore 'Olive Sprig' which is a soft olive green shade with a gray undertone.

Do you think it's too intense to immediately paint an entire wall green or to purchase green furniture? Then our green wall decoration is perfect for you! Here you can read all about Walljar's nicest green paintings. 
Trend colors 2022

Urban 90s

Trend colors 2022: Retro and Urban 90s colors are colors that we see more and more these days! The trend is bringing the art deco style back to the fore and colors such as yellow ocher, terracotta, clear blue, soft pink and black and white are back in fashion. 

Our Abstract collection fits perfectly with that! For example, create your wall decoration by using the Abstract Jar Shape to combine with Calming Shapes en Botanical

Must read: do you like Abstract? Then read this blog to create an Abstract landscape gallery wall on your own wall!

Flexa trend colors 2022: Bright Skies

A clear blue and fresh air, everyone can enjoy that. That's why the Flexa Color of the Year 2022 is Bright Skies! The color is light and airy blue and gives every home a new and fresh look. You can read everything about the color Bright Skies in this blog. 

Tip: combine a beautiful black and white nature print with your Bright Skies wall! What do you think of this one Beach Walk  or the design Forest By The Beach? The combination of the natural elements creates a serene and calming atmosphere.

Refreshment and renewal!

2022 is a year of refreshment and renewal. This can also be seen in the trend colors 2022. From old trends such as Urban '90 and Retro that are making a comeback, to warm and fresh shades such as green and Bright Skies: in 2022 it will all happen! 

Trend colors 2022 in your house!

By bringing the new trend colors into your interior, you are ahead of the trends! Choose your favorite trend colors of 2022 and use it in your interior, wall or home accessories. Take a quick look at the whole collection from Walljar and find your favorite wall decoration to match the new trend colours!

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