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A new trend in the world of wall decoration: triptych paintings. A painting with three separate panels. This immediately gives a unique look in the living room or bedroom! Take a look at the triptych paintings in our collection.

De triptych paintings designs by Walljar

The new collection triptych paintings consist of abstract designs that represent landscapes. The designer has opted for many different colors, which match well with several living styles. For example, you can hang the bright colors in a modern living style where white and neutral colors are often used, the pastel colors fit well with a country living style and boho colors will look good in a bohemian living style. 

A real eye-catcher on the wall!

In the designs you can see that shadow has been used so that more depth is created. The art on the wall will really stand out and be an eye-catcher in the room. Below you can see some examples of our triptych paintings from the collection in an interior:

Desert Hills

Vintage brown, yellow and green colors have been used in this design. In the middle painting you see a sun returning just above the mountains. Order this wall decoration: 'Desert Hills bundle' or 'Desert Hills III' now with Walljar.

triptych painting

Green Waves

in the design'Green Waves bundle' or 'Green Wave IIThe mountains look just like water. The nice thing about abstract paintings is that you can use your own imagination in what it represents for you. With this triptych painting on the wall you will certainly inspire yourself and visit.

triptych painting

Purple Desert

The 'Purple Desert bundle' or 'Purple Desert III' really stands out in this collection. The designer has used the same purple colors in different shades. Due to the colors, this design will also look great in a children's room. 

triptych painting

The different spaces to create a triptych painting to hang in

De triptych paintings are a nice option for different rooms, so it can look great above the sofa or dining table in the living room. In the hallway as your own unique gallery or in the bedroom above the bed. In addition, the abstract landscapes can also look very sweet in the nursery. Because of the different colors there will probably be one with the favorite color of your child.

Buy a bundle or a single design

All photo walls are available in a bundle or as separate individual designs. The three-piece wall art is available as poster, framed poster, canvas or plexiglass. If you are interested in one of the designs separately, you can contact us by sending an email to info@walljar.com, via live chat or by calling +3110-2613977. Then we will get started with your request as soon as possible!

triptych painting

Choose your favorite triptych painting out now!

In addition to the examples in this blog, we have many more variants of triptych paintings. Choose the abstract landscape painting in the colors that match your current interior. View the collection here !

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