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Privacy in the Outdoor is a luxury that many of us would like to have more of. There are many ways to create this privacy, and it can be done by arranging furniture or tactically growing plants. Enclosing the garden will make your outdoor space more pleasant for you and the family. Here are some tips on how to get more privacy in your garden:

fence off garden with plants

You can get your Outdoor screen by creating a natural separation between your own garden and the garden of the neighbours. This way you can place or grow plants in a certain way. Below are a few tips:

1) Arrange the plants so that they arch over a walkway, creating a natural tunnel. This way you immediately create more shade in your garden. So a win-win situation. 

2) Place plants such as ivy near windows or doors to block the view. Besides the fact that an ivy blocks the view well, it is also a nice addition to a dull-looking fence. 

3) Plant tall trees that grow upwards rather than outwards. Depending on the size of your garden, you can plant one or more tall trees. Fruit trees, nut trees and espaliers are ideal for this!

4) Work with plants of different sizes. Place the large shrubs on the edge of the garden and place some smaller plants between them to fill in the empty spaces. 
fence off garden

fence off garden with furniture 

More privacy in the Outdoor will make your outdoor space more pleasant. More privacy in the garden can be achieved by placing furniture. The following tips will make protecting your garden a lot easier:

1) Place the furniture in a square or rectangle. This makes the space feel more enclosed and private. In addition, you can easily create a cozy corner in the garden. 

2) Place heavy objects on one side of your yard, such as a hammock. The other side can be open to the view, yet offer some privacy with plants. 

3) Place a large parasol in the garden. The parasol will mainly shield the view of the tall buildings that can look into your garden. In addition, you have extra shade in the garden, which is a nice bonus.

4) Protect the garden by placing a roof, garden screens or fences. The great thing about these options is that they don't require much maintenance!

Also nice for you: wall decoration for the garden.
fence off garden

Protect your garden: get started to get more privacy!

So are you going for the natural solution and planting some extra trees or plants? Or are you going for the furniture partition or perhaps a combination of them? Whichever solution you choose, it will at least give you a little more privacy for you and the family!

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