Typografie poster

Typography, we see it all around us. On billboards, packaging and even on road signs. typography is a very broad concept in that regard. It actually encompasses all forms of text that have been thought about. 

What is typography?

In addition to the fact that typography has always been thought through, the text is almost always displayed in a special way. Printed thin or bold, in a specific color or specially marked. This is because you want to grab the reader's attention with typography. The concept can therefore best be described as design and format your text je before you press it.

You want your text to stand out for a reason. For example, you want to prevent accidents with traffic signs, with billboards to make people buy your product and with comic books to make sure people enjoy reading. 

As you can see, there are plenty of types of typography. So you can also come up with very nice texts with it and dress it up nicely. This way you can come up with the best quotes that you can put in a funny jacket. Walljar has plenty of these quotes in the typography collection, that's why we're going to highlight a few for you. 

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A nice typography poster from Walljar

The Love

De typography poster L'amour is a perfect example of beautiful typographic art. The typography poster shows excellently what you can do with letters. The font, the placement of letters and the connecting stripes at the top and bottom of the print ensure that the print is very dynamic. It gives more life to the print. Due to this design, the entire print radiates the message ''love'' perfectly. 

Typography poster

Five Star

This is a print that we have to highlight. This one Five star poster is not only funny but is also an excellently designed in terms of imaging. The combination of the 5 stars together with the quote ''would poop here again'' brings to life the idea that you have been sitting on a fantastic toilet. It's comical and fun to hang on your toilet. The perfect typography poster if you like a bit of humor. 

Typography poster

''Inhale The Future Exhale The Past''

This is a typography poster that reminds you to get over the past and focus on the future. This is emphasized literally and figuratively by means of the ''future'' and the ''past''. Discover the poster here

Typography poster

Is a typography poster also what for you?

Order your favorite typography poster in the form of plexiglass, canvas or poster! You can hang the beautiful quotes anywhere, even in the toilet as you just read. So don't wait any longer and order now at Walljar!