Urban jungle interieur

Designing a urban jungle interior contains many different parts that must be taken into account in order for the design to work properly and give off the right vibe. However, creating an urban jungle interior at home can be done with some creativity! In this blog post we discuss what an urban jungle interior is, how to create one yourself, and more importantly: what kind of decoration do I use in an urban jungle interior?

How does a urban jungle interior get out?

A urban jungle products consists of plants, many plants! In addition, this interior style is characterized by the use of natural materials. The color green is therefore common in this urban jungle trend!

Furniture in one urban jungle interior

The first feature we are going to talk about when it comes to a urban jungle products are the furniture. You often see the industrial style combined with natural materials in the tables, chairs and cabinets. For example, you see large wooden tables combined with a number of chairs made of metal. 

This combination of wood and metal gives a cool addition to the urban jungle theme; these give off a natural vibe that fits perfectly in an urban setting! Other materials that go well with wood and metal include concrete elements (such as a concrete side table or coffee table), so make sure your urban jungle has these if you want to create this.
Urban jungle interior

Decorations in one urban jungle interior

Plants are a must have for a urban jungle products, but make sure they don't take over the room and give it too much life! In addition, wooden boxes, wicker baskets and colored flower pots are also a nice addition to this interior. 

spiritual vibe

You can simply register and subscribe your urban jungle interior also take it to the next level by adding some buddhas, candles and dream catchers that radiate a spiritual vibe; this type of urban jungle is a bit more challenging but just as cool! 
Urban jungle interior

Balance is key

It's about what style you like best for a urban jungle interior at home, so choose wisely depending on your preference. But also make sure that it fits in with the rest of the interior, whether that means industrial or more modern. When it comes to an urban jungle interior, balance is key!
Urban jungle interior

Create your own urban jungle interior

With all these different types urban jungle furniture and urban jungle decorations, you can't go wrong when designing a urban jungle interior in your house. Go crazy and have fun!