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This blog is for the real FC Utrecht supporters who Utrecht poster want to have! We tell you all about the history of this beautiful club. Both the great club icons and the prizes are discussed. Of course we will highlight the beautiful Utrecht posters of this beautiful club from the Walljar collection for you!

club's club icons FC Utrecht

Utrecht poster
 FC Utrecht has a few club icons who have been of unprecedented importance to the club's success. They have helped to put the club on the map and have won prizes/European football. One of these icons is Leo van Veen. He was the top scorer for 8 seasons in a row FC Utrecht to become. The loyal attacker is still a hero in Utrecht because of this exceptional performance. 

Dirk Kuijt owes his fame to the cup win in 2003 of FC Utrecht. He scored no less than 20 times for . that season FC Utrecht. This did not go unnoticed, after which he left for Feyenoord shortly afterwards. Even though Dirk left knew FC Utrecht the following year to conquer the KNVB Cup back to back. A golden period for the club!

Michael Mols experienced the most successful period of his career at FC Utrecht, he scored 49 times for the club in 94 appearances. Unfortunately, he always missed a European ticket with the team. But they would never have come close without him. 

Sebastien Haller is in Utrecht become a world-class striker. Because FC Utrecht gave him the chance, he has been able to put himself in the spotlight at the big clubs. Haller became Utrecht's top scorer for 3 seasons in a row and won European football twice with the team. After this he moved to Frankfurt after which he even forced a transfer to West Ham United. After a less successful year for the striker, Ajax picked him up. A total of 2 million was involved for these last two transfers. 

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's trophy cabinet FC Utrecht 

's trophy cabinet FC Utrecht is mainly filled with KNVB cups and beautiful memories. Unfortunately, the team has never won the Eredivisie title in its 51-year existence. Despite that, the club has achieved many great results from the beginning of the 21st century. 

Utrecht poster
After 2000, winning prizes or European achievements only became more common. The club has already won the KNVB Cup 3 times, including in 2003 and 2004. FC Utrecht therefore belongs to a real sub-topper in the Eredivisie that always plays for the European tickets. 

The club has already played six European football play-offs, five of which after 6. Utrecht even played against teams like Napoli in the Europa league. This was an absolute spectacle that ended in 3-3. These are the matches that everyone in Utrecht always looks forward to. 

We just have to wait for the moment that Utrecht manages to push through and find the connection with the top in the Netherlands. They regularly have good players around. If they manage to keep these for a number of seasons and strengthen the team, they will certainly get there!

Overview prices and highlights

  • KNVB Cup: 1985, 2003, 2004
  • Johan Cruyff scale: 2004
  • Playoffs: 1987, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2017, 2019

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