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Are you also completely fond of the Dom city? It doesn't matter whether you want to visit the city or whether you already live there. We have listed the best 4 activities for you that you really should have done when you are in Utrecht. See our list with the activities here and find your favorite Utrecht poster!

1. Climb the Dom

This is a real must-do on your to-do list in Utrecht. Utrecht is not called the cathedral city for nothing. There is a colossal church from where you have a beautiful overview of the entire city, especially after dark. The lights of the Dom Tower itself and the buildings and houses around it give a beautiful view when standing on top of the cathedral. Therefore order your now Utrecht poster of this magnificent tower!

2. Cultural Sundays Utrecht 

A cultural Sunday is organized in Utrecht six times a year. Whether this is a concert in the Galgenwaard or a workshop in it Municipal office is. It could be anything, but one thing is for sure, it's fun to follow! 

So do you happen to be in Utrecht on a Sunday? Then be sure to check whether a cultural Sunday is planned. So you always see something nice of Utrecht! These buildings are also very beautiful as wall decoration, so don't hesitate and order this on a beautiful Utrecht poster! 

3. Find your favorite Utrecht poster in trajectory Lumen in Utrecht 

Trajectum Lumen in Utrecht is a route that you can follow through the city center of Utrecht. During this route you will encounter both modern art and old art. Both black and white and colorful artwork. 

We recommend that you do this tour in the evening. Some works of art / tunnels are lit. This way you can experience the most beautiful trip. In addition, by doing this tour you learn to make your way through the big city in this way. You also learn a lot more about the city itself. The route can be followed on the app of the trajectory Lumen itself. It's very simple and fun!

During this tour you will also come across many popular monuments from Utrecht. Walljar has this on her for you wall decoration printed. You can choose from the materials poster, canvas of perspex. So do you see a beautiful monument? Then look in our Utrecht collection

4. The old Hortus Utrecht

Are you not in the mood for a tour, but do you prefer nature? Then the old hortus in Utrecht is really something for you! With the beautiful water lilies of up to half a meter in diameter and the Japanese nut trees '' the Ginkgo Bilobas '', it is a beautiful nature reserve. Do you like beautiful nature and flowers? See also our flowers collection. It doesn't matter what season it is, it always looks beautiful. 

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