Vaderdag cadeau

Father's Day is the time to show your father how important he is to you. Of course you do this all year round, but with Father's Day we take that extra step to show that we can't do without him. Read on for original gift inspiration.

Give art as a gift!

Do you want your father a unique to someone give for Father's Day? Then consider wall decoration! You can enter our collection choose a nice print, but also your own design and then we will make a bold painting on canvas, plexiglass or on a poster. This is a unique gift for your father and one that he will enjoy for a long time! This way you can show your father how important he is to you!

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Art is a bit old-fashioned for some, but nowadays you can get very modern prints that improve the atmosphere in the room. In front of Father's Day we have several collections full of prints that every father will appreciate!

What do we have to offer!

Of course you know exactly where your father's interests lie, and you can perfectly choose a suitable gift for this. Below we've highlighted certain collections that would be perfect if unique Father's Day gift

  • Vintage football posters

  • What would be a very cool gift for your father may well be a memory of the past. The Netherlands is of course a well-known football country. Many Dutch people have a warm feeling at at least one football club in the country, including your father. Give him as Father's Day to someone a vintage football poster gift from his childhood. For example, one from the period when he might have been in the stadium with his father. 
    Father's Day giftA beautiful vintage football poster is a unique Father's Day gift with which you can surprise your father. Put your father on Father's Day once in the sun with a vintage football poster from Walljar and put a smile on his face! see here the entire collection.

  • Cities collection

  • What a beautiful and of course unique Father's Day gift is a poster of the city where you live, your father's hometown, or just a city he thinks is awesome. In the cities collection you will find all kinds of prints of landmarks from your father's favorite city.

    In addition, we also have a vintage cities collection. In this collection you can see the landmarks of all kinds of cities in the Netherlands and their development over the years. This collection is available in black and white and a real must-have as a fan of any city.

    Walljar also has a collection of city maps available in which you will find maps of the centers of all kinds of cities in the Netherlands. This is a real eye-catcher for the wall in the office, in the living room, bedroom or in any other room.
    Father's Day giftThe collections of cities, vintage cities and city maps are completely up-to-date. The prints give a unique character to the interior and are simply very cool to have in your home. This entire collection is available on plexiglass, canvas and (framed) poster.

  • Movie scenes  

  • Who doesn't like to sit back and enjoy a good movie? Everyone has films in which he or she can be completely absorbed and feel like one of the protagonists. So is your father. Which man is not a fan of the movie Gladiator, in this historical drama, you follow former General Maximus who fights as a slave to become a gladiator in the Colosseum. He takes his revenge on the emperor responsible for the death of his family. 

    Or is your father a fan of the movie' The Wolf of Wall Street'. This biographical film about fraudster Jordan Belfort is a modern masterpiece starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Margot Robbie and Jonah Hill. In this film we follow Jordan Belfort and the setup of his mega company in which he trades shares. In doing so, he cheats on everyone and is eventually caught by the FBI. This movie is one of the best movies of the last ten years and a favorite of every man.
    Father's Day giftOr is your father crazy about Pulp Fiction. This crime film by Quentin Tarantino has been showered with awards and nominations and is a must see for any movie fan.

    We have depicted scenes from all these masterpieces (and many others) as prints. These can be found in our fmovie scenes collection and are a beautiful and unique Father's Day gift with which you can show your father the appreciation he deserves. 

    A unique Father's Day gift can be found at Walljar!

    Are you looking for one unique Father's Day gift with which you can put your father in the spotlight? Take a look at all our collections and find the perfect Father's Day gift!

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