February 14 is Valentine's Day! This is the day to show your loved one how much you love him or her. You can do this by giving a standard card or roses, but a really original Valentine's gift is the wall decoration from Walljar† In this blog you can read inspiration for the best Valentine's gifts to give. 

At Walljar we have many collections that are suitable as valentine's gift† Here you can read some perfect valentine gift tips

1. Line art: modern and minimalist wall decoration!

De Line Art collection consists of wall decoration with clean lines and shapes. This modern and minimalist wall decoration gives every wall a refreshing look. 

  • This sensual wall decoration called the Touch Lips elegantly showing that you also love your loved one so much. 
  • De Feminine Line Art is a wall decoration in which the female body can be seen in a beautiful way. The light watercolor background provides a warm appearance, which is suitable for any interior.
  • At the Curvy Body the woman is honored in an elegant way. Whatever your size, height or skin color: everyone is beautiful just the way they are!
  • The Line Art collection is therefore simplistic and elegance at the same time. So this is perfect if valentine's gift to delight your beloved!

Tip:: do you really like the line art collection itself? All about the line art poster read in the blog in which the collection is highlighted!
Line art poster

2. New look through photo art

a nice valentine's gift is the photo art collection from Walljar! This collection consists of black and white posters and Moroccan posters and immediately gives every wall a new look. 

  • This Cigarette poster shows a female hand holding a cigarette in an elegant way. This black and white poster with a passe partout gives the wall a very chic look.
  • Does your beloved play guitar? Then this one Guitar poster perfect! Due to the black and white display and the incidence of light, this guitar is displayed in a unique way.
  • Other nice Valentine's gifts from the photo art collections are the Moroccan posters. This is how this one takes Mosaic Dream take you all the way to the romantic atmosphere of Morocco!

Whether you go for a black or white poster or a Moroccan poster, with the photo art collection you have a unique and fun valentine's gift!
Black and white photo art

3. Wall Art with Famous Painters

Ideally you would like to give your loved one art for the wall, unfortunately that is much too expensive. With the Famous painters collection from Walljar you can still like valentine's gift give art!

It is a warm summer evening with a starry sky. Together you can sit on the terrace and have a drink. It may sound like an ideal date, but it is Café Terrace At Night by Vincent van Gogh! This way you not only bring art into your home, but also the thought of a very nice and sultry summer evening!

For abstract art, Paul Klee's artwork is named Movement Of Vaulted Chambers an ideal valentine's gift† This colorful wall decoration immediately brightens up any wall. In addition, everyone can use their own imagination to think of what exactly you see in the painting. 

It is a well-known work of art that everyone knows: the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci. Now you don't have to go all the way to the Louvre with your partner to view this work of art, but simply hang it in your home!
Van Gogh poster

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Valentine gift tips: wall decoration from Walljar!

the perfect valentine's gift is of course the wall decoration from Walljar! This way you give your loved one a beautiful gift that you will both enjoy every day. Whether you give something from the Line Art collection, Photo art collection, Famous painters collection or another collection: it is without a doubt a success! Go quickly to the website and order your valentine's gift

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