Velvet schilderij

Velours, velvet or also velvet! Your design can now be printed on this luxurious fabric. Velvet has a subtle silky sheen and a velvety feel. Read more about how a velvet painting is made and its benefits in this blog.

velvet painting: what is it actually?

The soft velvet fabric is made of cotton or silk, which is woven with an upright loop. The fabric feels so soft because it is a low pile fabric. This fabric will have a glossy finish and will provide dynamic color contrasts to your wall decoration.
velvet painting

How can a design be printed on this?

Special printing techniques allow the ink to be absorbed into the fiber of the fabric. As a result, the colors do not decrease if you want to wash the fabric once (yes, this can really be done up to 40 degrees). Now this will be at a velvet painting not necessary of course! †
velvet painting

The benefits of a velvet painting

  1. Velvet has a high quality fabric with a low pile, making it velvety soft to the touch.
  2. The shine in the velvet material creates a luxurious look.
  3. De velvet paintings are printed with environmentally friendly water-based inks.
  4. The velvet material can be washed at 40 degrees.

A velvet painting in your interior

De velvet paintings belong to the premium collection, this is of course because it is a luxurious fabric. As a result, a velvet painting also in a higher price range. But how cool is it when you have such a unique painting on your wall?! We can print your own design or one of the designs our collection print on velvet. This painting will be nicely framed with a black frame. 
velvet painting

Interested in a velvet painting?

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