The move… it's nice when it's done, but it's stressful when it still has to happen. We know everything about it and that is why it is very useful to think in advance how you are going to organize and realize it. We have listed 6 moving tips for you that can help you on your way with the move. Best of luck!

Moving tip #1 Follow it KonMari step-by-step plan

To pack for the move To get it off to a good start, a 'clean' house is important. By this we do not only mean 'clean', but also tidy. This means that you go through all the rooms in advance and clear out and sort all cupboards, drawers and possible containers. Follow the KonMari step-by-step plan where you only surround yourself with the things that are really dear to you. Throw away what can go and re-invent what can remain. This way you don't take old stuff with you and you create an overview for yourself in advance.

Moving tip #2 Organize the moving boxes per room

To keep things organized, it works well to pack the moving boxes per room. This way you could unfold the number of moving boxes you think you need and have it ready. Organize a box for each category, such as 'clothing', a box with 'bedding', a box with 'shoes' and so on.
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Moving tip #3 Write names on the moving boxes

The third moving tip will help you stay organized! To keep it all organized, it is very easy to write names on the moving boxes. This way you can quickly find a box when you need it. In addition, when you move, you can easily put the boxes in the right room, making it quick and easy. In this way, you also spend less time organizing and sorting out the boxes and things when clearing out. Arrived at the breakables? Write 'fragile' here, so that the move is done with extra care! 

Moving tip #4 Pack glass and service 

Glasses and breakable service are best packed extra. This can be done in paper, but also, for example, in cardboard or another suitable material. Make sure that the protective material remains in place and that the entire item is well packed. Service is fine in a box, but pay attention to how you stack it. Rather a box more, with less service in it, than an overfull box in which everything breaks due to the amount.

Moving tip #5 Make a plan for the move

It is always useful to make a planning prior to the move. This can be done literally on paper, in your phone's notes, or of course in your calendar if you like. You can also go through it in your head if this is enough. 

Moving tip #6 Outsource the move or do it yourself

Our latest moving tip! The move can be carried out in various ways, by doing it yourself or outsourcing it to a moving company. There are countless moving companies that are happy to help you with this! It is of course entirely up to your wishes and resources. The advantage of moving companies is that they are specialized in it. This often ensures that it goes faster and that no damage is made. If this is the case, you will be reimbursed for your damage!
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Moving tips help you further!

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