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A vintage bedroom: at first you might think of an old-fashioned bedroom, but nothing could be further from the truth! It is an authentic, soothing and above all unique bedroom because you have vintage furniture and accessories that no one else has. For a real vintage bedroom you need the right wall decoration. You can read all the tips to furnish your vintage bedroom with wall decoration in this blog!

vintage bedroom: what is that exactly?

First of all, it's good to take a look at what vintage right now. Vintage products are products that were made between the 1920s and 1980s. They are often beautiful, authentic, high-quality furniture. This makes them very popular. 

Vintage wall decoration

Your vintage bedroom naturally includes vintage wall decoration. At Walljar we have various collections that perfectly match your vintage bedroom. Here are a few collections that fit well with this: 

De vintage photo art can be seen in black and white tones with a white passe partout, which provides the vintage effect. Ideal for you vintage bedroom So! The various special vintage collections are:

1. Historical football moments

If you are a real football fan, then our vintage photos of historical football moments are for you! For example, there have been many memorable moments in football history that you naturally want to hang on your wall. Our entire vintage football collection can be found on the website.

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vintage bedroom

2. Your favorite European city on the wall

We all have a city where our hearts are. Our vintage cities collection show old photos of special places of different cities. Find your favorite wall decoration and hang it proudly on the wall of your vintage bedroom!

vintage bedroom

3. Vintage Formula 1 Collection

If you are a Formula 1 fan, this collection is for you! In this collection you can find photos of the Zandvoort races from 1987, among other things. How fat!

vintage bedroom

Where can you find vintage products?

In addition to wall decoration, you also need vintage furniture for a vintage bedroom! This can take time, but it is really fun to look for that one unique piece of furniture that no one else has and your vintage bedroom completely own. For example, vintage furniture can be found in:

  • the thrift shop
  • antique dealer
  • online bidding websites 
  • the flea market

You can also ask old relatives if they still have vintage furniture from the past. Let the search begin for your vintage furniture! The nicest and easiest way is of course to order the vintage posters at Walljar. 
vintage bedroom

vintage accessories

The nicest vintage accessories for your bedroom is of course our wall decoration! In addition, vintage accessories for your bedroom are also important. If you want real vintage accessories, the same applies to the search for all vintage furniture to search through the other channels. 

When you have vintage bedroom accessories such as old books also enrich the room. By placing a sleek duvet cover on your vintage bed, you put extra attention on the bed and it ensures a nice balance between the vintage interior and a sleeker interior. 

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Order wall decoration for you vintage bedroom!

Vintage products give your bedroom an authentic, warm and unique atmosphere. By wall decoration of our vintage photo art to hang, you create your own vintage bedroom! Go quickly to the website and find your favorite vintage photo art.