slaapkamer decoraties

Is your bedroom not quite to your liking and are you looking for suitable bedroom decorations? We have 5 ideas for this decoration in your bedroom listed, so that you can create atmosphere in your bedroom

# 1 Rugs bring cosiness and warmth to you bedroom

Rugs as bedroom decorations are trendy, cozy and easy to add to you bedroom. Rugs come in many different shapes and sizes. When your bedroom is larger, we recommend placing a larger rug. Never opt for a rug that is too large, it must remain a rug, not become a carpet! Besides that a rug brings atmosphere to you bedroom, it is also a nice warm surface when you get out of bed in the morning. 

#2 Wall art as bedroom decorations

Big empty walls make your bedroom empty and cheerless. You can decorate your wall with matching posters for your interior. At Walljar we have different collections for your bedroom wall with decoratie to get dressed. Please here a look! You can also personalize your wall by designing a poster or photo yourself. Click here to have your design developed by Walljar!

A gema
cool and cheap trick to put a big wall in you bedroom to fill with different types of bedroom decorations is to use variations of different photo frames. You can easily do this in two ways: 

Use 1 large poster or photo 

With walldecoratie (a large poster or print), you can convey a strong image and create character in your bedroom.

Wall decoration bedroom

✓ Create a gallery wall for a playful effect 

With multiple posters or prints, you can create a playful effect in your bedroom. You can do this with the same lists or you can add different lists! 

Gallery wall bedroom

# 3 Light up your bedroom

Light is extremely important when it comes to bringing atmosphere to you bedroom. Tip: Go for one dimmer on your lightso you can dim and brighten the light to create the right atmosphere. In addition, we recommend multiple lamps to place in you bedroom to create light from different angles. For example, go for a hanging lamp (on the ceiling) and table lamps (on your bedside table) or on a table. 

A bedroom for two?!
Are you not alone, but with a partner? A bedroom should be a reflection of both of you. Ask your partner what he or she likes for the perfect bedroom decorations

# 4 For atmosphere in the bedroom choose a suitable color!

Colors are very important if you want to create atmosphere in you bedroom. Below you will find a list with various colors and the workings of these colors on the wall!

1. White, pastel and other light shades → let your bedroom optically wider eyes. White is a nice color to work with when you like basic, but also when the furniture in you bedroom consists of brighter colors. If you want a little more than white walls, pastel and other light shades are a good choice. These colors also make your room look bigger. In addition, these shades create an airy bedroom, which radiates tranquility.

2. Yellow shades → let your room radiate cheerfulness! The color yellow has a positive effect on our brains and gives a playful effect in the bedroom. Bedroom decorations in yellow are therefore also a perfect addition!

3. Green and blue tones → make you feel calm and relaxed. Blue is the color of the sky and the sea. It is often associated with depth and stability. Blue is considered beneficial for the mind and body. Green is a typical spring color and stands for innovation and nature. This color reflects peace and harmony. Both colors can therefore be used well for peace and tranquility in the bedroom.

4. Orange and red tones → give you a feeling of warmth. Both colors belong to the earth tones and are warm colors, which can look sexy in you bedroom. An excess of orange and red tones can be too intense for your brain. Keep this in mind. 

5. Black and dark shades → black gives a mysterious feeling. Most people are looking for light shades, which one quiet feel, but you can use dark colors to create a warm feel to the bedroom. Bedroom decorations in dark tones are always good!

A dark color such as black can look very stylish if not too much of it is used. Black gives a sense of mystery. Dark shades such as dark brown, dark orange and other autumn colors give the feeling of warmth and make your bedroom stylish.

# 5 Dried flowers or plants make your bedroom af

The last tip we want to give you is: add dried flowers or plants to your bedroom decorations! You will see that this is good for you. Dried flowers come in many different varieties, so something suitable for everyone! Dried flowers are very easy to like bedroom decoration as they last a very long time and blend well in different interiors.Wall decoration bedroom

Plants provide that extra bit of oxygen in you bedroom and can be very cozy and stylish! Go for a tighter effect with 1 large plant, or choose several smaller plants to make it a bit cozier. Plants need a little water, of course, but if you are afraid of forgetting this, you can also go for a cactus! (to get that little bit of green in your bedroom to place!)

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If you love flowers and plants, but prefer to see them on paper or on a painting? Then take one look in our plant species en plant collection!