Wanddecoratie inspiratie

Not sure what kind of wall decoration you want in your home? We have listed some wall decoration inspiration from our collections for you. Read on quick!

Landscape wall decoration inspiration 

Landscape wall decoration is always popular. People always have a certain landscape that they love to see. This wall decoration is also perfect as a collector's item when you have already been to many places as a road tripper. This form of wall decoration is not only popular because there is something for everyone. It can make people relive certain journeys, old places of residence or other moments. 
 Landscape painting Relive moments
Are you a real hiker? Then you probably like the print grand canyon or the print Yosemite Valley. Are you more of a winter sports type? Then you will probably love a photo of a winter landscape. There is a beautiful landscape painting for everyone in our landscape collection.

In addition to being able to relive the moments, there is another advantage. A landscape photo perfectly namely virtually with every room and every interior. It gives a calm look to your interior. You can totally get into this wall decoration inspiration dream away, especially when you think about the beautiful memories you have had there.

Flowers wall decoration inspiration 

Floral wall decoration Are you a real one flower lover? Or do you just think a certain flower is very beautiful? There are several reasons in favor of flowers wall decoration to choose. But one thing is for sure, it will add color and liveliness to your room. Green is the color of life, energy, growth and security. It gives both you and your interior a positive vibe. Choose your favorite flower in the flowers collection.

Especially like this one wall decoration in a bohemian of Scandinavian interior to hang up. The floral posters will really stand out in both interiors! Between the red / orange colors of the bohemian interior, the wall decoration definitely stand out. With the clean look of the Scandinavian interior, it will add more life to the room.

Wall decoration inspiration: motivational texts 

Do you like a nice quote or sentence? Then the motivational texts are your dream painting. They inspire and motivate you to continue what you are doing in life at the moment. Whether you want to get your diploma, set up your own business or do your daily workout! All goals are achieved if you are reminded daily of extra motivation.

Success is built on failure poster Quotes inspiration
The lyrics will always motivate you dreams become reality to be let. Texts like '' Success is built on failure '' or '' Get 1% better each day '' are beautiful texts to hang at home or at the office. Now find a suitable quote in the motivation collection!

Vintage football posters

For the real football fans we have our vintage football posters. Do you have a club that supports you through and through? Do not wait any longer and view our vintage football collection. Choose the match of your club that you find memorable and hang it on your wall. Ideal for the office or a bedroom.

Philips Stadium poster Stadiums in the Netherlands
In addition to these match moments, we also have wall decoration of almost all stadiums in the major cities in the Netherlands. Look for this in our cities collection. So do you live in one of these beautiful cities? Buy the stadium of your favorite club now as wall decoration. Show everyone what for loyal supporter you are!

Wall decoration gained inspiration?

Did you find all your wall decoration inspiration in this article? Check out your favorite poster from one of the collections and order your wall decoration at Walljar!

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