Wanddecoratie kantoor

How much time do we all spend in our office. Whether you work in a salon, practice, shop or other business, you are often here at least 40 hours a week. Then you want this place to look cozy for both yourself and your colleagues and customers. With beautiful office wall decoration give your office its own face.

Office wall decoration

Je office is next to the place where you get creative yourself, also the place where your customers come by. It is therefore very important to create the right appearance here. This way you make an indelible impression on the customer and they also get a better picture of you. Therefore, make your workplace a space with its own face that brings out your corporate identity.

Your brand image as an office wall decoration

From a classic look to abstract art and from inspiring quotes to urban art. There are many options around you office cozy te to make and ensure that the walls of your office convey the brand image. So, Walljar has several collections where you can choose from but you can also choose your own design have it printed with us! Are you not quite sure how to fill this in? Then take contact with us and we will definitely work it out together!

Of course you don't have to have the same atmosphere in you all year round office to have. You can also change these, you can do this based on the seasons, type of customer you are working for or a special event at work that causes you to office space want otherwise decorate. All options are possible!

Wall decoration for your home office

Working from home has one major disadvantage for many: distraction. Still do some laundry, spend time with the children, do the dishes or have an extra cup of coffee with your partner. All fun and understandable, but the other tasks will not be completed that way. Are you sensitive to all these little distraction moments? Then provide a quiet working environment. At Walljar we have an extensive collection with all kinds of calm and calming office wall decorations with which you can create an inspiring home office. For example, take a look at the line art collection!

Also decorate the walls of your practice

In your practice you naturally want a professional appearance that makes the identity of your company clear at a glance. You want to create an environment that radiates peace, confidence and professionalism. Check out our plant of flowers collection, these will fit in well with a practice.
Wall decoration officeFor many, a treatment is not really the most comfortable time of the week. Whether it's a routine checkup or a serious diagnosis meeting, people don't really feel comfortable with this. With the right office wall decoration of your practice, people's feelings can change. So quickly dress up those boring white walls and put your patients at ease.

Wall decoration in the waiting room

For many, waiting is a meaningless pastime that leads to tension and stress. Of course you do not want this for your customer or patient and certainly not for your own staff. Make sure you have a few calming elements in the waiting room so that you break this pattern and create a relaxed atmosphere for everyone. Do you receive customers / patients in a waiting room, then hang it full of beautiful office wall decoration and make it a real experience. 

Research shows that the color green has a very calming effect. Take advantage of this and create a waiting room where everyone feels at home and at ease. View the nicest green wall decoration in our plants collection!

Do you also want to have office wall decoration?

Check our now webshop and find the wall decoration that suits your company. Or deliver your own own design in!