Wanddecoratie Walljar

Have you spotted us in the FonQ and VTwonen collections yet? FonQ and VTwonen are one of the largest online home furnishings stores that help you furnish your home. But in addition to these marketplaces, we can also be found on a number of other marketplaces with our wall decoration. Below an overview:


FonQ has a wide range of furniture, lighting and home accessories. The home accessories category also has wall decoration such as paintings and posters! FonQ named the best online store of 2021 in the housing category. Discover Walljar's products on fonQ here .


Vtwonen is the webshop that has everything for in and around your home. In addition, Vtwonen is known for the TV program: ''Again in love with your house'' in which stylists give makeovers to houses. Of course they use all products that can be found in the Vtwonen webshop. Discover now all wall decoration from Walljar on the VTwonen website!


Bol actually sells everything you can think of. It is an online store that everyone knows and that everyone has ordered from time to time. The wall decoration van walljar of (framed) posters, canvas and plexiglass paintings can therefore be found on Bol. View all Walljar products on the Bol . website here .

Werkaandemuur and Ohmyprints

Werkaandemuur is known for their many custom-made works of art. Ohmyprints is actually the same as work on the wall, but on the German market! Discover our shop at work at the wall now!


Amazon is the largest webshop in America, so it is an upcoming webshop in the Netherlands. See here wall decoration from Walljar on the Amazon website.

Wall decoration


Etsy may be the most creative online store of all. It is a marketplace for self-designed and handmade items. On this platform you will come across the most unique wall decoration against including that of Walljar. View all Walljar products on Etsy!

Our own webshop: walljar.com

And last but not least, our own webshop should of course not be missing: Walljar's wall decoration. On our website you can be sure to get the best deals for you wall decoration have. We often use discounts of up to 40%!