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Wall decoration bathroom: It's probably not the first space that comes to mind when you think of wall decor. But why? In fact, it deserves to be nicely decorated just as much as the more 'usual areas' such as the living room! Bathroom wall decoration can create a luxurious, stylish and cozy atmosphere in the bathroom. Receive tips and get inspired with this blog!

play with color

There was a time when bathrooms mainly had the colors white, blue or gray. Those times are over. Despite the fact that black and white is still hip and will always remain a trend, nowadays it is also really cool to go for more daring colors in the bathroom! You can think of the colors green, yellow or even pink. To turn everything into a whole, you can do the best bathroom wall decoration choose in the same or with matching colors. Make sure that you choose something that helps you relax in the bathroombut also something that gives you energy. 
Wall decoration bathroom

Get inspired with this one bathroom wall decoration

Curious which of our collections is the best bathroom wall decoration are? We have listed a few for you! 


De abstract art collection is full of beautiful bathroom wall decoration. Especially when earth tones want to add earth tones to your bathroom, there is something for you. Our favorites are the flowing paint schilderijen: many of these abstract schilderijen resemble wavy oceans. People often associate a place like the sea with tranquility. Since the bathroom is really a place to completely relax and unwind, is a painting from the sea not such a crazy idea as bathroom wall decoration!

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Also the line art collection has unique schilderijen for when you are looking for bathroom wall decoration. Many of the schilderijen in this collection show the beauty of the female body. Because the bathroom is a space where we make ourselves vulnerable, such painting inspire you, give you more confidence or help you love yourself. 
Wall decoration bathroom


De bathroom is the perfect place to botanical schilderijen to display. In a humid and steamy room like this, nature-inspired prints fit like no other. In addition, the colorful flowers in the collection create a cheerful and floral atmosphere!

Wall decoration bathroom


Finally, you can in the typography collection find the best posters with text for your bathroom. From humorous schilderijen as the 'Five Star' to inspiring quotes that will inspire you every beginning and end of the day. 

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Which material?

Of course you have to take it into account material of the schilderijen when you are looking for bathroom wall decoration. The bathroom is a damp place; when the material of your painting cannot handle it well, it will be damaged. Therefore make sure that your desired painting is printed on water resistant material. We give you three options: 

1. Plexiglass

The most suitable material for bathroom wall decoration, Is perspex. Plexiglas is a plastic sheet where the design is printed on the back of the sheet. This ensures a shiny and smooth finish. Because plexiglass is water resistant, it is the best option for purchasing bathroom wall decoration

2. Canvas

Maybe this is unexpected, but also our canvas is a suitable material for bathroom wall decoration! Canvas is water resistant, durable and affordable. Despite the fact that it is less shiny than plexiglass, the designs are still beautifully reflected by the full color printing! 

3. (Framed) poster

The last material we offer are posters. Unfortunately, posters are not water resistant and therefore not suitable as bathroom wall decoration. If you do have a preference for posters, we recommend ordering them framed. This way the poster is still somewhat protected! 

Looking for more bathroom wall decoration

Discover which bathroom wall decoration suits you best? look at here. our entire offer wall decoration and set your perfect bathroom together!