Wanddecoratie badkamer

Do you want to give your bathroom that real spa feeling? Which can! hang wall decoration on your bathroom walls to create this atmosphere. In this blog we explain a number of these designs that fit well with this. In addition, we are talking about the material that is most suitable as wall decoration in the bathroom.

An oasis of peace

Bled: this city in Slovenia known for its beautiful lake and natural landscape. This design will provide an oasis of calm in your bathroom. This way you will leave the bathroom completely relaxed. Order the design ''Bled Slovenia'' in our online store.

Wall decoration bathroom

Bathroom wall decoration: Ocean animals

The cutest and happiest ocean animals including dolphins and turtles can be seen in our animal collection. With these designs, your bathroom will be brightened up in no time!

Wall decoration bathroom

A wellness at home

De Faroe Islands is an archipelago located next to Scotland-Norway-Iceland and is perfect as a wall decoration in the bathroom! This photo will give a real wellness feeling! Fill your bathroom with delicious scented candles, towels and scrubs and your own wellness at home is ready.

Maybe interesting for you: bring your bathroom to life with art.

Wall decoration bathroom

Choose plexiglass as a bathroom wall decoration

Plexiglass is easy to keep clean and can be wiped off with a cloth. Ideal for the bathroom! This way you can hang a nice plexiglass back wall next to your bath, without worrying that it will be damaged quickly. Looking for something specific? No problem! Contact us at info@walljar.com, +3110-2613977 or via live chat and send your wishes. We also make custom bathroom wall decorations!
Wall decoration bathroom

How do I hang my art in the bathroom?

There are different ways to do this, we also understand that this is not always the most suitable place to just drill a hole in the wall. So a few options:

  • Place the framed poster or Plexiglas on a cabinet. Of course, the bathroom wall decoration does not have to be large to leave a nice impression!
  • Place the bathroom wall decoration on an edge, you can often find it above the toilet!
  • Go for a large plexiglass if you do have the space to drill into the walls, so you have something to look at when you are relaxing in the bath.

Gained wall decoration bathroom inspiration?

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