Wanddecoratie boven banken

Wall decoration hanging over benches can sometimes be a challenge. We give you some tips about size, material and some fun inspiration!

The size of the wall decoration above sofaen

We have some tips for you for wall decoration above couchin:

  1. For paintings above the sofa there is a ⅔ rule. The size of the painting hangs best above the sofa if it is at least two thirds of the width of the sofa. Make sure that the wall decoration does not protrude beyond the sofa.
  2. In addition, it is nice if your wall decoration is 20 cm above the sofagt and not below, this also applies to the top to the ceiling.
  3. In museums, the 140/150 cm from the ground to the center of the painting is maintained. This way your painting can be seen clearly from all sides.
  4. Don't be afraid to go for a large size, this has a statement effect and you can easily fill your empty wall with this.

Different materials for wall decoration above sofaen

What we see a lot is that there is a large plexiglass painting hung above the sofa. This immediately gives the living room a chic look due to the glossy effect of the plexiglass. In addition, you can also choose a canvas paintingYou can frame these nicely by putting a frame around it. Then the canvas also gets a modern look. Canvas in baking frames are a trend right now! You also see a lot of 3D art that uses a baking frame.

Inspiration wall decoration above benches

  • Plexiglass painting as a statement piece

The shiny effect of perspex gives your interior a chic look. The great thing about plexiglass is that the colors always come out beautifully because the print is printed in the plexiglass. Read more about how to hang Plexiglas. 
Wall decoration above benches• Two 3D art paintings side by side

3D art is completely a trend of now, you may have already seen it at HK living, but now we also have 3D art in the collection. Discover all designs in our webshop.
Wall decoration above benches• Canvas paintings in baking frames

Canvas paintings has been a trusted material for many years, we have high quality canvas which makes the design look beautiful. Which is a nice extra to frame the canvas with a baking frame. Canvas is also a modern material to hang in your home.
Wall decoration above benches• Photo wall of framed posters

In addition, an appropriate wall decoration above benches a nice photo wall. You see a lot of photo walls and you can make it completely unique by looking for a number of posters yourself. Do you prefer a gallery wall that is already finished? Then take a look at our photo walls page
Wall decoration above benches

Which look are you going for?

Let us know by using the hashtag #walljar on social media. We are curious about your interior!